Peace Out San Diego, Hello Long Beach.

Jaime Messina, San Diego, Work and Travel

The first part of my trip is coming to an end and I must say I am feeling very grateful to be able to take a trip like this. My first stop was San Diego. I was picked up at the airport by my friend of 20 plus years, Virgil, from back in Boston who moved out here a few years back. He took me all over the city, showed me his favorite spots, and we just had time to hang out and catch up.

Jaime Messina, San Diego, Work and Travel, coach, work from home,

I love the beach and have been to many islands, spots up and down the east coast, but this was the first time that I was able to see the water on the west coast. It was gorgeous…and exactly how I had imagined it.

lestats coffee shop
Working at Lestats in San Diego

My plan while I’m out here is to see old friends, meet new ones, and explore new places all while working my business from the road. The cool thing about coaching is the fact that you can do it from anywhere and since I am single and childless (minus Layla my cat) I am able to just pick up and take off.

San Diego view, Shakeology
Shakeology and a walk every morning 
A big part of my life whether I am traveling or not is staying active and healthy. I recently developed an app call Custom Eats that is meant to help people with dietary preferences find restaurants and see their options when they aren’t familiar with a place. While I am out here I am also hitting up local eateries and adding meals to the app and spreading the word

Title one boxing, Jaime Messina
Morning workout at TITLE Boxing

Staying on track with your health and fitness is a little different, but not impossible while traveling. I made sure to pack my Shakeology for breakfast every morning, offered on several nights to cook my hosts a healthy dinner, I have Beachbodyon Demand if I want to do my Beachbody workouts, or I have also been trying to hit up local businesses for a good workout. The cool thing about hitting up the local places is that usually your first class is free at places so ultimately I could try a new place every day and not have to pay to workout. We have also been implementing a lot of hikes and walking while enjoying the scene.

Jaime Messina, San Diego, Work and Travel

My hosts in San Diego was one of my first college friends from NU Kate and her fiancé Liz. Over the years Kate had moved all over the country and back in 2013 actually came back to Boston and was my roommate for a year until she picked up and moved out to the west coast to be with her love. I was happy to have the opportunity to come out and visit her for a change and also get to spend some time getting to know the woman she is going to marry!

Not going to lie I have been going to bed pretty early…this jet lag thing is no joke, but I am finally on the right schedule and tonight I head up to Long Beach to visit more old friends! When I imagined what my life would look like in my 30’s back in the day, this most definitely was not it, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I use to hide…I would avoid new places or anywhere that I didn’t feel comfortable or know everyone…now I am doing the complete opposite of that.

Coming off one of the most progressive years of my life, I found myself feeling a little lost. Although I had accomplished great growth within myself and my business I felt like I was missing something. I felt like I was being pulled out here to the west coast and since I had the ability to do it, I went…

Jaime Messina, San Diego, Work and Travel

What comes of this trip is still unknown, but what IS known is that I am damn lucky to even have this opportunity. This year I am going to build an elite team of coaches and I am looking for people just like myself who want to join me on this journey. Feb. 1st I will be personally mentoring 5 people who want to live their live by THEIR design and who aren’t afraid to work to make that happen! Sound interesting? Fill out the application below! 
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