Everybody dies but not everybody Lives.

I was alive but I wasn't living. 28 years old and my body felt like I was 65. Each and every morning I hit the snooze button on my alarm clock until the last possible moment NOT because I was tired, but because I dreaded where I was going. Once I got there I found that I was rolling my eyes more than I was smiling. Although I would set the day with good intentions of working out at 5 pm or doing something active when I got home I always headed straight to the couch. I wasn’t tired from over exertion at work, I was tired from living a sedentary lifestyle. You see, life breeds life…and I wasn’t living.

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I was grateful for the job I had, but I needed something more. Ever since I was 6 years old I always had big ideas. Ideas that the typical 6 year old didn’t have. My mother use to write everything I said down and save it in a book, I still go back and read it today. I always dreamed of traveling the world, creating my own company, and living a lifestyle of abundance. I found myself sharing these ideas with childhood friends and getting them excited about it too. At the time I was too young to go anywhere but I KNEW that by the time I was 25 I would be well on my way…

Northeast Beachbody Coach, Boston, Jaime Messina, Personal Growth, overcome fear

So there I sat 28 years old at a desk in a small flooring store owned by my family. After two years of running an extremely busy, successful restaurant I was burnt out and fed up. I had nothing left in me with that field. I once had dreams of owning my own healthy restaurant, but the economy had other plans. The original move to the family business was suppose to be temporary, but each day felt more permanent. My father and I had a great relationship before joining his company always bouncing ideas back and forth off one another and getting lost in the teaching of Eckhart Tolle, now it was all about ordering floors. I found myself resenting both of my parents. Of course it wasn’t THEIR fault that I wasn’t doing what I wanted, I was grateful that they even gave me a job…I was mad at myself. I didn’t belong there and I could feel it in every ounce of my body. I thrive on creativity, exploration, and speaking to people…I felt that I was wasting my talent. Although I knew all of these things I had also become comfortable. I was comfortable being unhappy, making excuses, and complaining. I was comfortable accepting and believing that I didn’t do what I wanted to do by 25, so this was the life for me.

Northeast Beachbody Coach, Boston, Jaime Messina, Personal Growth

Finally, one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. A customer came in and asked me to help them pick out flooring, and I was useless. I had been there for over two years and I was useless??? When I worked at my restaurant I knew everything about everything. I could describe how every single meal tasted, every single difference in ingredients, and would find myself making friends with each person who came in. When the customers came in that day I had wanted to run and hide in the back room...I just wasn’t passionate about flooring and it showed. Not only was I doing something I hated, but I was adding absolutely no value to my family business and it was affecting our personal relationships. Right then and there I decided to take a chance and make a change. I did NOT want that to be my life for the rest of my life. I was hurting EVERYONE…including myself. I decided to leave my comfortable position at my family business and work for myself as an independent Team Beachbody Coach. I never looked back…

Northeast Beachbody Coach, Boston, Jaime Messina, Personal Growth, live life on purpose

Not only did it make me a much happier person, but it brought me closer to my family than it ever had before…especially with my father. Today HEALTH is our business and he has actually joined me as a coach. WE are a team, and I have never seen him more proud...that makes me happier than I ever knew it could.

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Now I am enjoying and exploring life because I can work from anywhere I want. I finally feel like I am living. I feel like I am going after what I have been dreaming of since I was a little kid. I don’t ever think about what my life would be like had I never taken that chance to make a change. The fact that I don’t want to know confirms that I made the right decision! What I do with this business is up to me. It is not an easy handout or a get rich quick scheme. It takes a lot of work to build this business but the cool thing is it is up to ME how I run it. I get to use my creativity and my people skills to reach people all while helping them to live healthier, fulfilling lives. I have the opportunity to make a living by helping other people step outside their comfort zones and realize everything that they are capable of. THAT is an amazing feeling.

Northeast Beachbody Coach, Boston, Jaime Messina, Personal Growth, life quotes, quotes, motivation

I’m not going to lie, I have always been a hustler. I love to work, create, and hustle. The challenge of creating a successful business on my own excites me. I am constantly thinking of creative ways to promote my business, make my challenge groups run better, and to motivate people. For the past two weeks I have been traveling through California. I have visited old friends, explored places I have never seen, and met some new friends. I did not take one single day off. I set my work hours around what I was doing, I found places to get my workout in, I still ran my challenge groups and worked with my team. I love being able to work from anywhere I want…and I love leaving the east coast when it’s cold out!

Northeast Beachbody Coach, Boston, Jaime Messina, Personal Growth, life quotes, quotes, motivation

I want to teach other people how to do what I do. I want to find everyone who feels the way I felt before finding this opportunity and let them know that there is another way! I am looking for 5 people that I will work side by side with to mentor on this coaching opportunity. We are a part of the number 1 team in the company and have great guidance!  We already have the tools so there is no reinventing the wheel, just taking that wheel and making it your own! This is not a get rich quick thing so I’m not looking for lazy people who want to make a quick buck. I am looking for motivated, hard working people who want something more for their life than what they are doing. I am looking for the people who feel that their talents are being wasted where they are…who feel as if they are meant for something more. I am looking for people who care about others and who thrive on the possibility of making a living by improving the lives of others. I am looking for the inner entrepreneurs who have silenced their drive to fit into societies norms and are ready to break out. Is that you?

Northeast Beachbody Coach, Boston, Jaime Messina, Personal Growth, life quotes, quotes, motivation, LACMA

If this post spoke to you DO NOT x it out and just forget about it…you read this for a reason.

To apply, fill out the application below  or send me an email at Messina1892@gmail.com and do it quickly! I am only accepting 5 people into this mentorship so that I can be able to give each and every person accepted the attention they need to make this work.

Stop dreaming about what your life could have been, and make it what it’s meant to be! The only way to do that is to take action! 
Fill out my online form.


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