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What if there was a pill that made you into who you wanted to be? Would you take it?

If I could go back 5 years and take a single pill that would change my body overnight the way years of hard work did, do you think I'd take it? 

I thought about that very scenario tonight and the answer is HELL NO!

This journey may have started with wanting to change my body, but that is not what made me who I am. If I had just taken a pill and changed my body overnight I would have never increased my confidence, found my passion, my voice, my purpose. I would have never seen myself as a leader, never would have rapped on stage, met the people that I have, or changed who I was at the core. 

I still would have that old voice in my head tearing me down, being my own worst enemy. I would still believe that I wasn't worth it, or deserving of success and good things. I would still be depressed and have some serious anxiety. 
You see, it may have started with wanting abs but that's not all that happens when you change your lifestyle. That's just one small piece of an amazing …

Healthy Eats: New Orleans

Two weeks ago Beachbody had their annual coach summit in New Orleans.  This is a destination known for their music, good food, and Cajun cuisine and ghost tours. While many coaches were excited to get down to NOLA and try the food I was a bit worried. Sticking to a Vegan eating plan while traveling is difficult, but I had a feeling it was going to be even more difficult in New Orleans!
I will start by saying I did find it a little frustrating at first to find a clean, vegan meal BUT with a little research New Orleans proved to have some great options for us. One tip I  have for healthy and vegan eaters is to PLAN AHEAD! I cannot stress that enough. After arriving at our hotel our first day we fell asleep due to the travel. By the time we made it out of the hotel to eat it was about 8 pm. We figured we would take a stroll around the French Quarter and find at least a salad somewhere....we were wrong. After walking up and down the street reading menus as well as being distracted a few ti…

Wake Up and Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself!

WAKE THE F UP!!! And stop feeling sorry for yourself!  I was on a call this morning where the host asked us if we could have a conversation with our old selves how would it go. 
Here is how mine would go: have got to wake the F up and stop feeling sorry for yourself! I get that you are hurting...I get that you feel lost like there is no way out, that this is how it will be forever, BUT if you could just see beyond that hurt at this very moment you would realize that you aren't stuck here. YOU are in control of your life. YOU have the power to make changes, to grow, to better yourself and better your situation.

I get it, It's not your fault...society taught you to just accept things, to just shut your mouth and accept what you have. Your dreams were crushed at a young age by people who had THEIR dreams crushed. Don't blame's not their fault either. Although it wasn't your fault or theirs, it IS now YOUR responsibility to get out of it. You have a…

Shift Shop as a Vegan

Ever since this past January when I did the Ultimate Reset Cleanse, and after attending a Tony Robbins event I have just not wanted to eat meat. I already had not been eating dairy for the past 4 years, but something I saw at the event as well as enjoying the cleanse made me no longer want to eat it. I really can't say one way or the other what it was, but I have decided to stick to it. 

As a Beachbody Coach, I like to try each and every program and follow them exactly how they should be followed. I was a little disappointed when I learned that the meal plan that goes along with the new Shift Shop program would be really difficult to follow as a vegan and that I most likely would not get the same results. Week by week Shift Shop slowly decreases carbs and increases protein making it difficult to do as a vegan seeing that many of our proteins come from high carb things. The nutrition booklet says this for vegans, 

"By the end of your shift, you’ll find that your diet is relative…

U.K. Here I come, and I am SO excited!

When I first heard that our company was expanding to the U.K. I was stoked. One of my dreams in life is to be able to meet and have friends all over the world. With Beachbody expanding to the U.K. that opened that door a little wider for me to make it happen quickly. When I first became a coach 5 years ago I really had no idea the impact that I could make on other peoples lives. I wasn't very talented as a coach at first. I had no idea how to share on social media, how to create tools to help my team, and was kind of just blindly building my business. Since that time a LOT has changed within the company and our team. New coach training has been created to help new coaches start strong and confident and our team has become the top team in the organization. Aside from that I have developed my leadership skills and learned how to not only be the best coach I can be but also how to teach others to do that as well. That is why I am so excited to finally be able to officially share with…

Beachbody PRIDE

When I first started coaching I didn't think that I could be successful openly being who I was. The people I saw at the top, all looked a certain way and had certain lifestyles that were totally opposite from mine. Because of that, I tried to hide who I was and blend in with the crowd. It was wrong, it was cowardice, and it totally defeated the purpose of what I am doing here as a coach. Over time, I learned that my success depended on how REAL I was, how HONEST I was, my ability to HELP others, and my passion. I realized that just because I felt that my community was underrepresented didn't mean that I couldn't step up and be the one to represent.

At coach summit this past weekend I had a vision. I saw myself walking across the stage waving my flag proudly. You see, I have attracted some amazing people to my team. We are gay, straight, and everything in between. We have developed a culture of OPENNESS, REALNESS, and BADASSERY (totally not a word but is now). The main thing …

Daily Sunshine: Healthy Kids Make Healthy Adults

This past weekend I had the opportunity to head to New Orleans, LA for our Team Beachbody coach summit. That is when they announce all of the new products and programs. I must say that this year was our best summit to date! We have some exciting things coming up the pipeline that are going to help entire families get healthy and fit! 
When I was a child I was overweight and had extremely high cholesterol. I can say with confidence that the ridicule and shame that I felt from the other children and even other adults affected my life. I held myself back in constant fear of being judged in academics, sports, and overall social situations. I was made fun of for being fat by other children, my grandparents would constantly make remarks to my parents, and I can remember a time where I wasn't given any playing time in a basketball game because of my weight (I know I could hit those 3 pointers!). Because of my childhood, the announcement of Daily Sunshine was THAT much more exciting for me…

Saving Yourself From Anxiety & Depression

This past weekend I heard a story that brought me to tears. It brought me to tears because so often I forget where I was and how I felt before I changed my life through health, fitness, and personal development. I realize if I forget, then I also don't share it enough and sharing that story is what could inspire others to make a change as well. So today I am sharing a little story with you all. 

Ever since I was a child I felt different. I was reserved, had low self-esteem, and was sad more often than not. Looking back I can say that since I was about 7 years old I struggled with anxiety and depression that really affected the quality of my life. After kindergarten, my school closed and I was forced to go to a new school with a bunch of people I didn't know. For any child that would be a nightmare, but for a child with anxiety, it seemed like the end of the world. I think that is when things really started to escalate. When kids would play at school, I would stand to the side. …

Jaime's Picks: Cape Cod (Brewster & Provincetown)

I travel a lot, and I also like to eat healthy food. I've decided that I am going to start incorporating those two things and blog about where I am eating when I am traveling in case you all are interested. This past week I got to spend a week with my family in Brewster, MA. We hung out at the beach, enjoyed each others company, and explored the Cape. These are a few of my favorite spots that I hit while on the road. 
First stop, Karma Foods in Brewster, MA. 

Karma is a dedicated gluten free, organic kitchen that creates the most delicious and healthy foods and beverages. The goal at Karma is to provide the freshest organic ingredients possible by using their own farm that they have there on site as well as other local sources. I had the hearty kale salad and it was absolutely delicious. I honestly scraped every last crumb I could from the bowl. They also have fresh juice to choose from as well. 

I was very pleased with this new addition to Brewster!! 
Next stop, The Canteen in Provin…