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The Keto Reboot is Back and Better than Ever!

The Keto Reboot is back!  I don’t reboot to lose fact, if you think you’re going to do a 60 hour fast and get your weight off for good, you are extremely misled. I'm not here to mislead you, I am here to give you the cold hard facts. So why do I fast once a month for 60 hours? Because I learned what it was actually doing for my body. I realized that our body begins to repair its own DNA during a fast helping my body to work at its optimum performance. I learned that learned that from the reboot and Keto Max we go through a process called ketophagy which is the natural cellular detoxification process that recycles and repairs cells. I also learned that we are resetting our metabolism by reprogramming our genes to run on fat for fuel!  I personally am obsessed with improving my mind, body, and soul...why not add improving DNA and resetting my metabolism to the list?  This month we have an all-new package in addition to the regular reboot called t