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Dream Team United: Our Launch in the U.K.

I have just returned home from an amazing trip to London for the launch of Team Beachbody in the United Kingdom and to celebrate with the new U.K. coaches of the Dream Team United.  What is Team Beachbody?  The Dream Team United was formed by several coaches from the Dream Team here in the U.S.A. who decided to come together and work as one big team to adopt and train our new coaches from the U.K. Our team has been the top team in Beachbody for the past four years and we decided that we would work better and train new coaches together vs. separate. So we decided to pack our bags and head to the U.K. for the official launch and hold our own training for our coaches as well. On Friday morning we kicked off our event with a live workout in Hyde Park, London. Anyone who wanted was welcome to join us for a live workout in the park led by two coaches who were trained as instructors. We had a great time getting our sweat on in the heart of London.  On Fr

Recipe Thursday: Hummus Quesadilla

As most of you know I have been doing recipe Thursday for a couple months now. I want to make one thing clear, these are NOT my own recipes. Recipe Thursday is about searching the internet for good vegan recipes that I might want to try, having you guys vote between my top two, and then me making the winner. One blogger that has had delicious recipes time after time is Cookie and Kate . Her hummus quesadilla recipe was this weeks winner and I highly recommend that you head over to her site and check out the rest of her recipes. So good!  I gave this weeks recipe two thumbs up for several reasons. One, as someone who is dairy free I haven't eaten a quesadilla in a really long time and appreciate that I have once again. Two, it was really quick and easy to make and so was the cleanup. One thing I will say is I chose the ingredients that were in the original recipe. Some of you might not love Mediterranean food and in that case, just switch it with ingredients that you like.

You Are Not Alone

When I was 19 years old I hid knives and a noose under my bed. Each day I would pull them out to test if that day would be the day I had the guts to do it. I would go back and forth between using the fan in my room or the shower rod. I'd even tie it up and yank to make sure it would be sturdy enough... This isn't something I like to share very often on my social media, because I don't want to hurt my loved ones, but I believe I have to because it's the truth. I had a lot of pain and anger inside. The most frustrating part of it all? I wasn't even entirely sure where it was coming from. How in the world could someone save me or even me save myself for that matter when I didn't even have a clear view of what was causing my pain?? I never went through with my plan. Not because of any magical thing that happened or because of some magic epiphany I had, it was mostly because I didn't want to hurt my family. I lived with that anger an