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Meal Planning: How I set myself up for success while saving time and Money.

When I first started eating better I had absolutely no idea how to approach it. I was under the impression that I was already eating pretty healthy, and at times I was. I knew the basics, but I needed to learn more about nutrition in general. I lacked knowledge in what foods I should be pairing together, what times I should eat, and sticking to proper portion sizes. I basically had to re-train my body , and mind HOW to eat. So I figured out a clean eating meal plan and got to work. If you would like to see my post about what a days worth of meals looks like for me you can click here.  I soon realized that WHAT I was eating was really only half the battle. The most important part of my meal plan, was planning for my meal plan. Ever heard the phrase, "fail to plan, plan to fail"? SPOT ON. To get organized I take 2-3 hours every week to plan my meals and do my shopping. I schedule this time as if it was an important meeting with a client. If you think about it the mee

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

As easy as it seems to just drink water, most of us are not drinking the necessary amount that our bodies need to properly function. Do you get a lot of headaches and feel tired all the time? That could be because you need to drink more water! I use to be the queen of headaches and fatigue. I was always looking for aspirin and a nap, I now know this was because I was not drinking enough water. I actually hated water and NEVER drank wonder I was a mess. The human body is primarily made up of water and thrives when it is properly hydrated. Want to know how to make sure you are getting the water your body needs to run like a champ? There is a simple equation to follow, but this is based on the BARE MINIMUM amount that your body will need (if you are laying on your couch all day, or sitting at a desk). If you are active, you should add more to your intake. All need to do is divide your body weight in half . So if you weigh 200 pounds the minimum amount of water you shou

5 Reasons to Buy the T25 Challenge pack in January!

January is a pretty exciting month at Beachbody if you ask me. Not because it is new years resolution time and everyone is wanting to get in shape...don't get me wrong that is great, but I am excited because of the crazy deals they have going on this month. I can honestly say that my two favorite products, not just from beachbody, but out of EVERYTHING I use are T25 and shakeology. This month both of these things are on sale together in a challenge pack and that saves $90. Who doesn't want to save money while getting healthy? It is a no brainer if you ask me, but for all you people out there who need more convincing I have decided to give you some reasons why you should buy the T25 challenge pack this month.  #1- It saves you $$$ Whenever you buy a challenge pack you will always save money, but for this month only you save even more money. For those of you who do not know a challenge pack comes with both the workout and shakeology. Buying these two products individual

What a Day of Meals Looks Like for Me

I remember when I started out in my first challenge group I had absolutely no idea how to eat. I didn't know when I should be eating or what I should be eating. With that in mind, I decided to put this post together to show you what a days worth of meals looks like for me. Every day I try to eat every 2-3 hours 6 times a day. At each meal I pair a fruit or veggie with lean protein. A couple fruits that I stay away from are grapes, and pineapple mainly because they are really high in sugar. See the picture below for a list of some clean eating foods you can add to your next grocery list. A TYPICAL DAY OF FOOD FOR ME 7:00 AM- Wake up and make a Shakeology . My favorite shake recipe is the chocolate peanut butter banana. I use 1 cup of almond milk, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 1 scoop of Shakeology , and half of a banana. There are lots of other recipes to choose from, but this one is my favorite. 10:00 A.M . - First snack, Power Granola . My snacks vary day to day

3-Day Shakeology Cleanse

The 3-day Shakeology cleanse is a great way to kick start your weight loss, get past a plateau, or drop those annoying last 5 pounds. Doing this will remove harmful toxins from your body, and flush the colon in a safe way. The good thing about this cleanse is that Shakeology is filled with vitamins and nutrients so you are not starving your body of the things that it needs.  When I did this cleanse it helped me get past my plateau, and I ended up losing 5 pounds. Overall, it was not bad at all. I was not feeling tired or hungry. Every time I started to feel a little hungry, it was time for another shake. My salad at night was loaded and hit the spot.  You will lose SOME fat doing this cleanse, but most of what you will lose is water, toxins, and any other nasty stuff that has been stuck in your colon...crayons lol.  Here is what the cleanse consists of: If you are interested in getting your hands on the 3-day Shakeology cleanse or have any questions

Why go through a Beachbody Coach?

Sooooo you were up late one night and saw a Beachbody infomercial....maybe T25 or Insanity . You were laying in bed maybe munching on some chips and thought "I should do that". First off, high-five for being smart and taking an interest in your health. SHOULD! This post is not about IF you should do a Beachbody workout program, clearly I think you should and believe they work. This post is about the benefit of purchasing your program through a coach rather than the infomercial or website.  If you don't know me, my name is Jaime, and I am a Beachbody customer turned coach. If you want to see my transformation you can do that here . Before I became a customer I often found myself up late at night with insomnia watching the Insanity or P90X infomercials. These infomercials always scared the CRAP out of me. I wanted to do the workouts, but when I thought 'Insanity', I pictured jacked up professional athletes and I just didn't think I was a