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Off the Road of Self Destruction

I am beyond proud of this woman and what she has accomplished in just a short amount of time!  This is Michelle. Last month Michelle found herself in a hospital with chest pains, and it wasn't the first time she had been there. Michelle knew she needed to make a change to better her health, but wasn't quite ready. Events that happened in the following weeks pushed her to make the changes necessary to get off the road of self destruction. She started using the 21 Day Fix Workouts and meal plan and in just a short amount of time started feeling and seeing a difference. Earlier today Michelle posted her first progress pics since starting the program last month. I am excited to continue to watch Michelle on this journey!! Check out her story in her own words below: "This is a tough post. But who needs a Friday to be Fearless! My Story....So Far.................. I was fat, unhealthy, and literally killing myself with food. I ate fast food 7 days a