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How to stick with clean eating on Vacation!

I use to HATE the winters here in Boston. The reasons being I absolutely hate being pale, I am short so the salt always ruins the bottoms of my pants, AND my heating bill is outrageous! But the real reason I hated Boston winters was because I really can't stand being cold! Since moving to Aruba and working as a water sports instructor wasn't an option for me, I had to find something else to make my winters bearable. That is when I found the love of my life....skiing! Best thing to hit my winter since the snow day!  This winter I have been going to the mountain almost every weekend and have noticed a few things.... 1. the continental breakfast provided by the hotels are great.....if you want to go right back upstairs and get back into bed and not out on the mountain for the day.... 2. mountain food is great if you want to spend $10 on gross fried food that everyone has coughed all over while going through the line (yes I am a germ freak).... and C I had to find a way to a