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My WHY. Why I am a Team Beachbody Coach.

When I first started out using Beachbody products I was expecting a physical transformation. I was expecting to lose weight, build muscle, and fit into my clothes. I was expecting to have more endurance, be better at the sports I played, and not feel gross. I was expecting ALL of those things, but what I wasn't expecting is what happened beyond the physical transformation... it was something I never could have even imagined. 

I started my fitness journey about two years ago after realizing that I was the most unhealthy that I had ever been. I was anxious, depressed and knew that I needed to make a change or that I was going to continue down a path that could ultimately ruin my life. So I started in a beachbody challenge group, and began to get myself healthy and fit. I was determined to have six pack abs by the end of my challenge. I was focusing so intensely on my physical transformation that I didn't even realize what was happening to me on the inside. With my new found healt…

3 Day Quick Fix

Now I am not about a magic pill or an overnight fix when it comes to health, but sometimes you just have a bad weekend and need to get back on track. That is where this 3 day fix came in for me! The 21 day fix is an awesome program to begin with, but the 3 day quick fix cleanse that you can do within the 21 day fix is seriously mind blowing. I knew it was going to help a little, but the results I got were insane. Had the before and after picture not been on me I wouldn't believe that it was a 3 day transformation. I'd like to say that the lighting and outfit choice had to do with how I look in the before picture, but sadly I don't think it has anything to do with it. 

Last weekend I spent two days traveling. I was out of my routine, lacking sleep, and was forced to make food choices that I would normally avoid. That being said, I felt extremely bloated and gross by the time I got home Sunday night. I was going away to the beach for following weekend and needed a quick fix t…

How to stick to Your health and Fitness Plan on Vacation.

Just because you are going on vacation doesn't mean that you have to completely abandon your healthy lifestyle. Although it is more difficult to follow than being at home, it is totally doable. It took some time, but I have the sticking to my plan on vacation thing down! I still enjoy my time off, I just don't go overboard.

Tip # 1 Plan Ahead!

This is going to be my one and only tip because planning is crucial when it comes to sticking to your diet on vacation! Fail to plan? Plan to fail!


If you are driving to your destination then go food shopping before for healthy snacks. If you are staying in a hotel make sure to call and ask if they have a mini fridge in the room. If they don't, bring a cooler to fill with healthy snacks, and keep your food fresh. This will not only save you money, it will also keep you from being forced to make bad choices at the hotel vending machine. It will also be good to have some snacks to grab for when you are on the go and out all day.…

Why Not You?

Hey you...yes you! The one who scrolls through facebook "liking" posts about getting your life in order and wishing that it could be you. The one who has thought about focusing on yourself and really getting your shit together about 9 billion times, but doesn't believe that you actually have the time, dedication, or focus to do it. You! The one who feels stuck. The one who feels like you have everything in the world, but that something is still missing. The one who wakes up every day, going through the motions, just hoping something will change. The one who always wished you could, but now you think you are too old. The one who keeps saying I should of been....I could of been...if only. You! Guess what?...That was me! 

I was too old. It wasn't in my genes. I didn't have time. I didn't have the education. I didn't have the motivation, will, strength, or drive. I tried it before and it didn't work. I was just not cut out for it. I'm was too shy. I la…

What are Complex Carbs and Lean Protein?

When it comes to helping my challengers figure out a meal plan I go off of what has worked for me and my other challengers. Eating 5-6 meals a day where I usually pair complex carbs and lean protein at each meal is what helped me reached my weight goal. You need both of these things for nutrients, and energy. People who are new to clean eating usually have no idea what complex carbs are, or what is considered a lean protein. 
Technically speaking complex carbohydrates are made up of three or more sugars that are linked together in a chain form. These sugars are mostly rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Because of their complexity they take a little longer to digest, and do not raise the sugar levels in the blood as quickly as simple carbohydrates. Complex carbs act as the bodies fuel, and contribute significantly to the energy production in your body. Complex carbs are high in fiber and improve digestion. These type of carbs are typically found in fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds, and g…

The Person You Deserve

A friend of mine sent me a blog post earlier today that sparked something in me. In order to understand the rest of this post you will have to read it. It's worth it, click here.

Reading that article made me happy for so many reasons. It is a great article in general, but it made me realize how far I have come as a person. If I had read that post two years ago, I would have had a completely different thought process. I would be sitting there feeling bad for myself wondering why "I can't find someone like that", and "why don't these people exist". When I read it earlier today, it brought me a sense of joy. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why that would never be me, it made me excited for things to's only a matter of time.

When I decided to make a lifestyle change two years ago, the initial reason was to look better on the outside. That quickly became an insignificant side effect of what was really happening. The way I began to chan…

How I Order When Out To Eat

When I splurge on a cheat meal I like to go out to a nice restaurant, and on those nights I don't worry about what I order. BUT there are a lot of times where I find myself having to go out to eat for meetings, or other engagements that are not part of my cheat. I figured that you all find yourself in those same predicaments so I wanted to share with you how I make the best decisions possible when eating out. 


First off, before I even leave my house to go to the restaurant I google their menu online and see what the best options would be. Most restaurants these days even offer nutrition facts on their online menus. Read the item descriptions and steer clear of words like creamy, fried, breaded, crisp, sauced, or stuffed. Looking these items and descriptions up before hand will make it easier to make a choice once you are there. I find myself getting caught up in talking to the other people at the table instead of looking, and then feel rushed. So be prepared!