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What is Country Heat?

Country Heat is a brand new dance cardio program done to the HOTTEST Country Music of today! Autumn Calabrese is not only a fitness and health guru, but she just so happens to also be a professional trained dancer!  Country Heat is a high-energy, LOW-IMPACT, simple dance workout. The routines are 30 minutes or less for 30 days. All you have to do is follow along with Autumn, and before you know it you are burning those calories and having a blast while doing it. How do I know? I was in the test group !!  What Makes Country Heat Effective? I'm sure you are wondering what makes this program any different than all of the other fitness programs out there? I 100% believe that Country Heat is going to change the fitness game. I don't mean for the hard core Ninja Warriors, although they would enjoy it too, I mean for the average mom or dad who not only finds it hard to find the time to workout, but who also doesn't necessarily ENJOY working out. 

Country Heat Review and Test Group!

I just completed 30 days of the new Beachbody workout, Country Heat , and I am absolutely blown away by my results! For 30 days I danced and followed an easy to understand nutrition plan. I lost 7 pounds and 9.5 inches from my body during that time. The part that has me absolutely blown away is that it's from dancing! Nothing else!  When I was chosen to be part of the Country Heat Test Group I was a little wary of giving up my regular workout routine with weights to dance to country music. I was under the impression that my body type needed to be lifting weights to see results, but I was wrong! I was expecting Country Heat to be a line dance, but it wasn't. I heard the creator, Autumn Calabrese describe it perfectly when she called it, "cardio dance fitness TO country music". For people who don't love cardio they WILL love this cardio! I am not a cardio lover and I found myself looking forward to this workout every day. Not only that, but I could te