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HUGE SAVINGS! Team Beachbody Black Friday Sale!

Team Beachbody Black Friday Deals! Here are the deals that are on sale for the Beachbody Black Friday Sale.  They will go live on Tuesday, November 25th (by 5pm PST) until Tuesday, December 2nd (by 5pm PST).  Offer quantities are limited and   Based on past sales I will tell you that these go FAST!   Whether you are shopping for yourself, or giving the gift of health this holiday season, what better way to do it than save money while you are at it! If you see something you like, it is worth it. These items are up to 60% off...that is INSANE! If you want to take advantage of these amazing deals and want to be the first to  know when they go live sign up here!  DEAL #1 P90X plus FREE P90X Plus P90X is one of the best extreme at home fitness programs on the market. I have gone through 2 rounds of P90X and I saw some serious changes! Tony Horton has a fun playful style, but also keeps you motivated and pushing yourself. This item is discounted 58

Insanity MAX:30

Image The new Insanity MAX:30 program comes out on December 2nd, and I am psyching myself up. I am going to do this program start to finish, by the book! I have a trip to Cancun coming up in April and I want to be at the top of my game. I am one of those people who like to know what I am in for before starting a program, so I have been doing some research and wanted to share with you all!  What is Insanity MAX:30 ? This is a 60 day fitness program brought to us by one of my favorite trainers, Mr. Shaun T. The workouts are 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day, for 60 days.  Who is MAX:30 good for? In my opinion this is not the program to start out with if you haven't worked out a day in your life. This program is for people who like to workout, like to challenge themselves, and want to see some serious results in 60 days. I would say anyone who is at an intermediate or advanced fitness level and wants to try something that

Stop Giving Up!

The quote above means a lot to me, because that WAS me! I talked a HUGE game. Year after year especially around resolution time I would talk about how by next year at this time I would be in the best shape of my life, I would be doing this and that and whatever it was. Year after year....nothing! I'm not even sure that some of those times I even started anything to give up on. Finally one year I was just sick of hearing myself talk a bunch of nonsense and never follow through. Actions speak louder than words right? RIGHT! I finally decided that I was going to make a change ...and ACTUALLY make the change.  I was sick of being all talk. I knew who I wanted to be, I just didn't know how to get there. I started going to the gym for 3 hours a day...3 hours after a 8 hour work day is a long time. In December of 2012 I was asked if I would like to join a fitness challenge group . I had no idea what that meant, but I knew I could workout at home, and that I had a support

10 Holiday Party Survival Tips

The holidays can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. There are parties, drinks, and lots of shopping which means you will be stuck in the mall for long periods of time with limited healthy options. Don't worry my friends, you do not have to throw your entire plan out the window until New Years day...there are ways to adapt! Step one, get a calendar and fill in all the parties you will be attending with times and places. It is important to visually see what you are dealing with, because planning ahead will be a huge part of the game. You can download and print out this one! Once you have your schedule semi laid out, fill in your workouts. Just because it is the holidays does NOT mean you should stop working out. If you have parties after work, schedule your workout for the morning.  As for the parties you will be attending here are some tips on how to survive those without going overboard.  1. Eat somethin

How Many People Stick To Their Resolutions?

I was doing some research on New Years resolutions and found some pretty interesting information. I was happy to find out that out of the top 10 New Years resolutions in 2014 #1 was weight loss, #4 was life to the fullest, #5 was staying fit and healthy, and #8 was to help others in their dreams. In my opinion these are all pretty awesome resolutions because they all revolve around living healthy, happy, fulfilling lives. As I read on I was saddened to realize that the percentage of people that were actually successful in achieving their resolutions was only 8%....8%!! I sat there and put some serious thought into WHY only 8% of people actually are successful with their resolutions. Clearly based on the resolutions that are most popular, these people are good, solid individuals, so what held them back? I thought back to my resolutions over the years. I had many of years where getting into shape was a resolution, and many years where I was not part of the successful 8%. What was

Where Are My Crazies At? Insanity: MAX 30

Click to enter to win a free copy of Insanity: MAX 30 I am accepting 10 and only 10 INSANE individuals to join my on my Insanity Max:30 journey. On December 2nd Team Beachbody, and my favorite fitness trainer of all time Mr. Shaun T will be releasing a new Insanity program. The first Insanity got the best of me, but I am in better shape now, and more determined than ever to complete it. I need people in this with me who are going to push me just as hard as I push them, people who are looking for a challenge, and who want to go all out with this program. Do you think you got what it takes? Here is a little more info.  Insanity MAX: 30 is probably going to be the hardest 30 minute workout of your life. It is a 60 day program, and is said to be extremely challenging. It is designed to push you to your absolute max. Are you ready to challenge yourself? Push yourself to heights you have never been? Fill out the application below! I am only accepting 10 serious, motivated p

My Top 3 Benefits of Green Tea

When I write a blog post I have a routine. I pack up my laptop, head to my favorite Starbucks over on soldiers field road in Brighton, order a grande green tea, and get to writing. Green tea is a very important part of that routine. When I looked further into the benefits of green tea, I found that there are a TON. Since it is a crucial part of my blog writing routine I wanted to do some research and pick my top 3 benefits of drinking green tea.  Green Tea Can Make You Smarter! No wonder green tea is a crucial part of my writing, apparently it can make you smarter. Obviously sipping on a cup of your favorite greens won't get you a degree from Harvard, but it does consist of two key ingredients that can improve brain function. These two ingredients are caffeine, and L-Theanine.  Caffeine has been studied and believed to lead to improvements in brain function, improved mood, vigilance, reaction time, and memory. Caffeine is also known to block an inhibitory neurot