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Tips to Not Overdo it this Thanksgiving!

Lately I have noticed a lot of talk about Thanksgiving and how it is a time to enjoy food and family and NOT about watching what you eat. I have heard many different opinions about this referring to health and fitness. On one end of the argument there are the people who say that you should go all out, that it is one day to indulge and stuff your face. The other end of the argument is that there are ways to enjoy Thanksgiving without going over board. My stance on this subject is somewhere in the middle. Yes, I will be saving my cheat meal for Thanksgiving day, but that does NOT mean I will be shoving anything and everything in my face. Past Thanksgivings consisted of me devouring more than my share of appetizers. Being Sicilian that meant a shit load of bread, stuffed artichokes, chees e and crackers, antipasto, more bread, and anything else we could fit on the table. I would be 5000 calories deep before the turkey even came out of the oven. By the time dinner was served I was about re