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Beachbody Performance

We got some exciting news at the Beachbody Success Club trip in Cancun! Beachbody will be releasing a new line of supplements meant to enhance your experience called Beachbody Performance. Other than Shakeology and E&E I have not really used additional supplements, but I am excited to try them and see what it's all about. Beachbody teamed up with Harvard trained scientists who have been testing and studying new cutting-edge research on sports science, exercise physiology, and nutrition research.  This line of supplements contains scientifically proven performance enhancing ingredients and plant-based nutrients intended to help you maximize your exercise performance, and help your body to recover in a safe, natural, effective way. One thing that I would like to point out here as well is that there are NO ARTIFICIAL colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives in these products. This is something that is extremely important to me as well as many of my challeng

JavaBerry Shakeology

Back in the day during the summers here in Boston we would always hit up a place called Celebrity Pizza. They had TONS of flavors of soft serve ice cream, and before my lactose intolerant realization this was something I LOVED. My favorite flavor to get was something called javaberry! Javaberry was a coffee ice cream swirled with some berry flavor (not sure which but I loved it regardless). Since those days I can no longer eat dairy (well I could but it wouldn't be pretty TMI?) but I still LOVE the idea of javaberry. It is not just the flavor that I love, it's the whole memory that it brings back for me. Going to celebrities brings back a lot of good memories of hot summer days here in Boston. Nowadays I am not able to eat dairy which stinks, but I came up with a solution to still experience the taste of javaberry, and reminisce of a simpler time. Here is what I did!   RECIPE: -1/2 scoop of Chocolate Shakeology -1/2 scoop of strawberry Shakeology -1 Cup

Cancun 2015: Beachbody Success Club Trip

Yesterday I returned home from the 2015 Team Beachbody Success Club Trip in Cancun, Mexico.  This was a trip that I earned for me and a guest by hitting success club throughout last year. I decided to bring my best friend and her husband along with me. This trip was amazing in so many ways, but mostly because I use it as a marker to gauge how much I have grown both personally and in my business over the past year.  Last year was my first success club trip, and that was when the little switch went off in my head. I came back from that trip destined to be a more confident person who was willing to step outside their comfort one to grow. Last year was all about finding myself , and this year was all about celebrating that person I found!  It absolutely baffles me that because I decided to take a chance three years ago and trust a friend of a friend who asked me to join this challenge group , that my life has went down a completely different road than I was headed. Once q

21 Day Fix Extreme Results

To prepare for the Beachbody Success Club trip to Cancun with my fellow coaches, I decided to do 3 rounds of the 21 Day Fix Extreme ! Although I stayed on track for the most part during the holiday season, I wasn't feeling beach ready and I always train harder with an event or goal in site. I leave for my trip tomorrow and I am more than happy with my results.  The Fix Extreme has a slightly different eating plan than the regular fix. I chose to ease myself into that whole thing. To check out what I mean revert back to round 1 and round 2 .  During the 3rd round I really dove into the eating plan which means I followed the Countdown to Competition plan! That is a little more intense than the regular plan. There is a lot of lean white fish, and green veggies involved, and decreased carbs and fruit. I will tell you, it really wasn't difficult to follow. At that point, I was really zoned in on achieving maximum results, and I was thinking of food as fuel, n

April Fitness Brings May Abs: April Deals!

Not only is it a new month with new challenge pack deals, but in my opinion it is a CRUCIAL month if you are looking to get in shape for Summer! Here's the deal, as your coach it is my job to be 100% honest with you, and not sugar coat anything. That is because I want you to see results, and if I am not being won't see them. So the bad news is...if you wanted to be bikini ready by May 1st, you are really cutting it close! The good news is that it is the 1st of April, and you still have time to make some serious progress. That being said, your best option there would be the 21 Day Fix , because I feel that is the program that people see the most extreme results in the smallest amount of time. Unfortunately, that is not one of the challenge pack promos this month (sorry I don't choose which ones are on sale!). Luckily, there are 4 awesome promotions going on this month that will help you make some significant progress towards your goals!  First up we ha