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Craving Halloween Candy? Try These Recipes!

I am a sucker for anything chocolate so Halloween can be VERY hard for me to stay away from all of the bowls of candy and treats everywhere. This month I re created some of my favorite Halloween candies so that when I felt those cravings kick in instead of opening 100 tiny candy bars, I made these shakes which not only helped my cravings but also provided my body with vitamins and nutrients. Best of both worlds!!!  Enjoy! 

Core De Force: MMA Inspired Total Body Transformation

I love when Beachbody releases a new workout, especially when it looks Bad Ass! Core De Force is the new fitness program being released on October 31st, and one that I am pumped about! I fell in love with fitness trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews  during my first ever at home fitness program Les Mills Pump. I loved their personalities and styles so when I heard that they created a new MMA style total body transformation program, I was in! WHAT IS CORE DE FORCE? Core De Force is a 30 day mixed martial arts inspired program designed by Joel and Jericho to carve your core with no equipment. Joel and Jericho wanted to really keep the MMA vibe and created the program with that in mind. This is a learn as you go program so if you aren't familiar with mixed martial arts, you can learn!  Each workout is broken down into 3 minute rounds, just like a real boxing match. Workouts alternate between Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay-Thai inspired combinations, body wei

TeamBstrong Leadership Retreat

I am coming off of a super exciting weekend, our first ever TeamBstrong leadership retreat! For the first time ever my team and I got together for a weekend of hanging out, partying, training, and getting to know one another. We were really fortunate to have top coach Melanie Mitro attend and provide us with some expertise training.  We aren't your typical coaching team. Many of us have fur babies instead of children, love to travel as often as possible, and party in our down time, but what makes us amazing is that we all share the common goal of helping others better themselves, as we better ourselves! My vision for the weekend was to enhance our team culture, get ideas flowing, and challenge one another to become better leaders and coaches. That is EXACTLY what happened over the weekend. I sat in that beautiful house in Plymouth, MA looking out over the water I realized how rare it was to be a part of something so positive and amazing. How rare it was to ha