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Detox phase is OVA Over!

Sorry I have been MIA with keeping up, but I have not had a lot of energy. I really have not enjoyed the last few meals, so I am pretty much running on empty. So I will quickly just update you on the last two days.
The first breakfast we had was mashed chickpeas, spinach and avocado....I can't wait for a chocolate peanut butter shakeology! 
The lunch was a salad....

and the dinner was the kicker. It was squash with kale...BUT....I have never cut a squash before and damn was that a hard task. I was so hungry and the knife was just stuck in the squash and got so frustrated that I just started crylaughing. Ever done that??? when you are laughing and crying at the same time because a situation is so frustrating. Luckily I took a deep breath and got through it. My friend who was making hers at her own house sadly did not make it through the squash cutting unscathed as I did. She sliced her finger open and had to go to the hospital so please be careful cutting squash...oh and I really DISL…

OMG is it over yet???

First of all, I knew if I put the tequila picture as the thumbnail that you shits would read it!

I haven't written in 4 days and I feel like it has been 4 years! So Phase 2 has been pretty tough....way more than phase 1. There is less food at each meal....a lot less and I CAN NOT STAND the detox supplement. This weekend was tough in particular....I realized that I should probably just lock myself in my house for the final phase of this shit. The problem I have been finding with myself is...all I can talk about is the cleanse. Here is why....I am out with friends at a social after some flag football games and I am frigging starving! The lunch was just soup and salad which was hard to eat cause I was out all day so had to suck down cold soup in my car...then we go to the bar and they have a buffet or free fried...delicious food. I probably wouldn't care for that food any other day, but I am starving and feel like I need to be social so I stay. What ends up happening in this situa…

Welcome to the Release phase....and oh boy are we releasing!

So it is day 8 and you know what that means??? RELEASE PHASE!!! We get to add another supplement to the mix...detox....and I hate to say it, but I find it way worse than the green shit...I call this shit the brown shit. It doesn't taste as bad, but the texture of it makes me gag every time! Not to mention it looks like um....well I'll let you be the judge

So I am emotional again....but that is likely to happen during the release phase. Two of my friends that are doing this cleanse are also in the release phase and are also emotional. We were laughing this morning because my one friend who is a high school field hockey coach cried after their game yesterday in front of the kids, parents, teachers, principal...all over a bad call made by the ref. 

Now also in this phase we eliminate dairy and animal protein so the meals today were interesting and not my typical choices. For breakfast we made a huge fruit plate...two cups of fruit! Lunch was just a microgreen salad, and for dinner …

End of Phase 1

So it's the last day of Phase 1 and I have to say I am pretty sad about it. I am going to miss my egg breakfasts with toast and on to bigger and better I guess with basically fruit every morning. In phase 2 we continue to refine our diet eliminating animal proteins and dairy from our diet. This is also called the "release" phase for the fact that we will be "releasing" things from our body. We add another supplement called detox that helps restore optimum health to your entire gastrointestinal tract, while detoxifying your body....aka you poop a lot. Aside from releasing poop, you also release stored emotions...this is the part I am looking forward to. That was just a little background on what is to come, now back onto day 7. 

For breakfast I  had 1/2 of a small apple chopped up, 1 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon, and 1/2 cup of plain yogurt sweetened with honey. Lunch was 1 serving of Zucchini-Cashew Soup, a Microgreen Salad, and 1/4 sliced avocado.…

What the *%#@ is Tempeh???

So it is Day 6 of the more day and we are onto phase 2. So far I have loved everything on the menu for the most part....that is until this morning! We opened our little recipe guide and looked up the day 6 was Baked Tempeh! What the hell is tempeh??? Welp, I am still not sure what it is exactly, but I do know one is NOT my first choice for breakfast. It's not even my second or fifteenth choice, but we followed the recipe and ate it all up. It was edible....which is good, but I was in no way savoring every bite! Paired with the tempeh we had a slice of whole grain toast and a 1/2 cup of steamed spinach. Thank god for the bread cause I made a little sandwich out of it to cover up the taste. Just the look of it grossed me out...I will refrain from sharing my thoughts on what it resembles because I am 30 years old. When I was baking it, I told myself while eating I would just imagine that it was a french toast stick....That was a nice try! 

Cleanse on the weekend?? Not so bad after all

I haven't written in a few days so I am going to squish the whole weekend into one post. The overall consensus for me was...cleansing on the weekend was not so bad after all. Other than my dream on Friday night of absolutely killing a mounds bar...why a mounds bar? I have no idea, I have never eaten one of these ever, and it would not be my candy bar of choice. I'm thinking more of a Reese's Peanut Butter cup or Snickers! But other than the dream, I have not had any cravings...yay! Friday the meals were good...the best part was rolling my own sushi! Who knew my college past times would come in handy for current cooking! 

FRIDAY MEALS: Breakfast was good, it was the same as day 1 so I had 2 scrambled eggs, spinach and 2 pieces of whole grain toast.  Lunch consisted of Lentil Lime Salad which was good, but not something I would eat outside of cleansing because it left a weird taste in my mouth and lentils do nothing for my stomach. We also had a Microgreen Salad which was so ve…

Ultimate Reset Day 2...this isn't so bad....or is it?

So day 2 is in the bag and there are only 19 days left of the cleanse. So far I have been enjoying it...hasn't been too bad, but it also hasn't been the weekend yet. Can't wait to pass up the 500 drinks I am offered this weekend. Not only that, its basically a workout in itself just saying no to people. I am envisioning the conversation going something like this: person: "Hey Jaime let me buy you a drink" Me: "no thanks I'm good" person: "why? what are you on a diet?" Me: "No, I'm cleansing"....then I don't hear the end of it for the next hour...not to mention if I did have a drink, my drink of choice is tequila, and that would NOT be good to have while cleansing...I would end up on the bathroom floor. But, there is no way I am hiding in my house for the next 19 days so I'll have to think of wise ass responses before I leave the house.

I am still experiencing up and down emotions which is fine..I had read before hand t…

Reset day's only day 1???

So lets just start off by saying...I hardly ever eat fast food. If I do, it is either because I am really drunk or really hungover. With that being said last night I noticed some interesting things. My roommate and I had a friend over for dinner. They of course made their own dinner and harassed me for about an hour or so while I made mine....although the two dinners really weren't that different. Ever have one of those friends that just love to push your buttons? Well that is Tre, and she was doing a lovely job of pushing my buttons last night "knocking" my cleanse. Normally I can take her shit and laugh....but day 1 for me proved to be quite emotional at times. I went from being really angry to laughing my ass off, to verge of tears,back to laughing. In the end there were more laughs than tears because Tre is hilarious. 

While we were watching last nights episode of survivor I realized that A. I feel like I am on survivor doing the cleanse with all this cooking and prep…

Reset Eve

Ok so last night was the eve before the big 21 day Reset Cleanse which will rule my life, and I decided I was going to have some "goodbye to normal life" snacks. I hadn't gone food shopping for anything other than cleanse stuff so I needed to order out. What I really wanted was to shove my face in a huge bucket of KFC, but I took a deep breath and decided on a steak tip salad instead...wasn't that great....should of went with the KFC! To make up for my not so tasty salad, I also decided to have a big piece of homemade apple pie and a gigantic bowl of my all time favorite snack...popcorn! Yes I ate that entire bowl to my head...just told myself, "it's ok I am cleansing tomorrow!". Best piece of pie and bowl of popcorn I ever ate!
After my mow fest, I read through the book and prepped for day 1. BeachBody provided me with an interesting little supplement carrier in which I filled with all of my "tasty" supplements. I also signed my book to make it…