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80 Day Obsession: Week 1 Progress

                                        This past week I started a brand new fitness program called 80 Day Obsession . I was more pumped than normal for this program for several reasons. First, I loved that it was a longer program being 80 days, and also had longer workouts averaging at an hour long. Over the past few years, I found myself doing shorter programs that still worked, but I felt had affected my mindset and discipline. 80 Day Obsession felt like it was bringing me back to when I first started my fitness journey 6 years ago with programs like P90X that were 90 days long and had workouts that were over an hour.  I was also at a point in my health and fitness journey where I was ready for something new. The 80 Day Obsession nutrition plan provided that for me by using what creator Autumn Calabrese calls timed nutrition. I have to eat specific things at specific times and since I was wanting to get back into the discipline I had a few years ago, this was perfect. 

When You Have No Control, Trust! The Universe Has A Plan!

Did you play with a dollhouse as a kid? The way I like to describe it is like this... Picture a dollhouse always picture this little wooden dollhouse with gray paint like the one my dad built at the firehouse during his time with the department. I loved the way it actually resembled our house and had working electricity. There was this hanging light over the kitchen table I could turn on and off. I gave those tiny little dollhouse people run for their money. Anyway, those little people, are you and me. The little kid playing with the dollhouse, that’s the universe. You see, it doesn’t matter how bad that little doll wants to move into the living room to watch tv because it will only happen when the master is ready for it to happen. Let’s just say the doll miraculously somehow moves into the other room, as soon as little Jimmy or Jane come back to the house, all shits going to break loose. My point is this, when you surrender to the universe, relinquish con

6 Tips to ROCK Your 2018 Goals!

It's that time, the new year is here, the time where we reflect on our past year, think about our aspirations, and set goals for the upcoming year. Many people make plans to improve their health, happiness, and financial situation. That is all great and dandy, but how many people actually stuck with their resolutions last year? Sadly, not many. Only 12% of resolution-makers from last year actually succeeded. I'm not telling you this to depress you, I am sharing because in this post I am going to give you some tips that can help YOU be part of the 12% in 2018!  So what was it about that 12% that made them stick with it? Were they just born with a strong mindset? They had the right circumstances? They got lucky? No! These people took thought out, meaningful steps to ensure that they achieved their resolutions. They made their resolutions because they were things that were important to them, so they treated them that way! Did you know that people who set up step by step go