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Make an Income Making an Impact!

Bridge the gap... This past week in England I was in the company of some amazing thought leaders. I had the chance to have some pretty deep and amazing conversations. I started to contemplate what it is that I truly want to accomplish as a coach and with my overall life. I have gone back and forth between focusing on LGBT or keeping it broad. I was talking to my friend Katy about how the only thing I knew for sure was that I am here on this earth to serve others. I tho ught back to who I was before finding Beachbody and how I never felt included or worthy. I felt like I didn't matter, my story didn't matter, my needs didn't matter, nothing about me mattered...but the fact of the "matter" is that I DO matter. WE ALL MATTER. Each and every one of us is connected whether we are aware or not. Our own stories have the ability to affect someone else's life in a positive way, no matter how big or small. Through Katy and my conversation, I have realized that

Dream Team United, Join Our Family: Birmingham Recap

I have just returned from Birmingham, U.K. where The Dream Team United headed to do a training with our Dream Team United founding coaches!  As you may know, Team Beachbody is opening up for business in the UK in late Autumn. The official date that Team Beachbody is launching in the U.K. is October 19th, 2017. For those who are wanting to build a business or become a customer with Team Beachbody, it is es sential that they start laying the foundation for a successful launch. That is why myself along with some other leaders on our team headed over to Birmingham this past week and provided top of the line training for our future coaches.  Our team has been the #1 team in the entire company for the past 3 years which is something that no other team in the history of the company has been able to achieve. Through hard work, dedication, and our passion for helping others to achieve healthy and fulfilling lives we have created a system that works and is easily duplicated. We have

Shift Shop Vegan Results

When I started Shift Shop 3 weeks ago I wasn't expecting to get huge results. Reason being that I knew I had two weekend weddings during that time that were going to affect my nutrition and routine, but also because I am vegan and animal proteins are a huge part of the meal plan.  Week by week the Shift Shop meal plan slowly eliminates carbs and adds lean proteins. As a vegan, my proteins are often the very carbs that were being eliminated but I decided to see how the plan would work anyway. So by week 3, I stopped eating carbs "kind of".  The only carbs I was eating were the ones that were in my veggie burgers and other various forms of protein. By the end of my 21 days, I was surprised to see that even with my cheats at the weddings, and having a different meal plan I was still down 3 pounds and 7 inches. I really enjoyed Chris Downing as a trainer, and how the workouts made me feel as if I were training for pre-season.  Do you want more

It's Time to Get Your Shiz Together!

I still remember the day I took that before photo. I had my friend Karen take it and I remember feeling both embarrassed and empowered at the same time. I looked at her and said, "this is the last time I'll look like this, you'll see". I felt like I had something to prove because so many times before I had SAID I was going to change, but never did. That photo was the last time I ever looked or felt that way. Depressed, unhealthy, sad, lost, unathletic, unattractive, fee ling like I needed to prove something... That day was the first day of the rest of my life. It was the first day of my challenge group , a decision I made to commit to my own health and fitness for 90 days. I made it through those 90 days and then 90 more and 90 more after forward 5 years and here I am. I may always be a work in progress but I most definitely feel like I succeeded and continue to succeed. All it takes is a decision and a commitment to reach success.