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How to Make it a Keto Halloween!

Sticking to your keto, low carb, and sugar-free plan definitely gets a lot harder around Halloween. It seems like everywhere you turn there is candy and treats being pushed in your direction. Although it is difficult, there are some ways to make it a little easier on making our own low carb/keto candy!  If you happen to have Keto//OS PRO there are lots of recipes that you can make to help with that candy fix!  don't have KETO//OS PRO CLICK HERE ! If those don't work, here are some other tips to have a successful KETO Halloween!  1. Make it a family night instead. If you can get away with it, pull your shades, keep your house dark and have a family game or movie night with Keto treats at home. 2. If your neighborhood is a Halloween hotspot try spending the night out at a movie, bowling, haunted house, or even make it a getaway and get yourself to a hotel with a pool and hot tub! 3. Have you heard of Switch Witch yet? It has become very popula