Tips to Not Overdo it this Thanksgiving!

thanksgivingLately I have noticed a lot of talk about Thanksgiving and how it is a time to enjoy food and family and NOT about watching what you eat. I have heard many different opinions about this referring to health and fitness. On one end of the argument there are the people who say that you should go all out, that it is one day to indulge and stuff your face. The other end of the argument is that there are ways to enjoy Thanksgiving without going over board. My stance on this subject is somewhere in the middle. Yes, I will be saving my cheat meal for Thanksgiving day, but that does NOT mean I will be shoving anything and everything in my face. Past Thanksgivings consisted of me devouring more than my share of appetizers. Being Sicilian that meant a shit load of bread, stuffed artichokes, cheese and crackers, antipasto, more bread, and anything else we could fit on the table. I would be 5000 calories deep before the turkey even came out of the oven. By the time dinner was served I was about ready to vom, but that did not stop me. It didn't matter that I was sick to my stomach full, what
mattered to me was that this day only happened once a year. That meant I needed to mow everything presented to us whether I was hungry or not. I always ended up feeling too sick to enjoy my family. This year I plan to balance and moderate my indulgences so I can enjoy both the holiday food AND my family. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my Thanksgiving plan in case you are in the same boat.

Tip # 1- Don't fill up on apps!
stuffed artichoke
Like I said earlier, I use to already eat a weeks worth of calories in appetizers. I know that it's hard to wait around for the turkey to be done, and that the easiest way to pass the time is to pick at the appetizers but it is not worth it. I plan on picking one appetizer (my all time favorite "the stuffed artichoke") and focusing on that. If there is still time to kill before dinner is served I plan on offering to help set the table, or keep the kids distracted with a game.

Tip # 2- Plan a post meal walk!

Before dinner is served announce to the family that you plan on taking a post meal walk and invite them to join. If you get others on board, you are more likely to actually take the walk. If your family is as large as mine it might be nice to get some peace from the chaos for a while and burn off a few of those calories. It also gets you out of the house for a few and away from all the extras lying around.

Tip # 3- Converse with your company!
miley cyrus
Yes Thanksgiving is about food, but more importantly it is about family and being thankful for what we have. If you walk around and actually have conversations with your company not only will you be enjoying your family, but it will keep you from picking at all the food sitting out while you are waiting for dinner! Talk about football or Miley Cyrus, whatever floats your boat. 

Tip # 4- Plan a workout date for the next morning!

Set a workout date for the next morning and think of it as an important meeting that you can not miss. Schedule with a friend to hold you more accountable, or if you have out of town family staying with you get them on board too! It will feel good to burn off those extra calories the next day instead of feeling tired and bloated.

Tip # 5- Volunteer to help clean up!

Instead of standing around and picking at the left overs or going for seconds, thirds, or fourths of dessert, help pick up! Your host will appreciate your help, and it will keep your attention away from all the goodies lying around.

Tip # 6- Stop eating when you are full!

This is my biggest issue! I always felt like Thanksgiving only came once a year so I needed to eat everything in site. Yes, Thanksgiving only comes once a year but that doesn't mean you only eat once a year! Eat slow, take proper portions, and recognize when you are full.

Tip # 7- Bring your own dish!

I like my "clean food" just as much, if not more than "regular" food. This Thanksgiving I plan on bringing my own clean side dish. There are a ton of clean eating Thanksgiving ideas on Pinterest or just Google clean eating Thanksgiving recipes. I plan on bringing a clean dessert too!

Tip # 8- Do a Turkey Trot!

Most towns hold their own 5k turkey trots thanksgiving morning. It will be good to get a good run in before heading to dinner. I will be running this year for the first time. Not only am I excited to start my day off right, but it will keep me from drinking like a fish the night before.

turkey running

Whether you follow 1 or all of these Thanksgiving tips it is important to remember what this holiday is about. Yes, it is the food that brings us to the table, but Thanksgiving is really about the people sitting around that table. Be thankful for the people and things in your life. We all get caught up in our busy lives from time to time.Thanksgiving is a day for us to stop, reflect and be thankful! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

charlie browns thanksgiving


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