Off the Road of Self Destruction

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I am beyond proud of this woman and what she has accomplished in just a short amount of time! 

This is Michelle. Last month Michelle found herself in a hospital with chest pains, and it wasn't the first time she had been there. Michelle knew she needed to make a change to better her health, but wasn't quite ready. Events that happened in the following weeks pushed her to make the changes necessary to get off the road of self destruction. She started using the 21 Day Fix Workouts and meal plan and in just a short amount of time started feeling and seeing a difference. Earlier today Michelle posted her first progress pics since starting the program last month. I am excited to continue to watch Michelle on this journey!!

Check out her story in her own words below:

"This is a tough post. But who needs a Friday to be Fearless!
My Story....So Far..................

I was fat, unhealthy, and literally killing myself with food. I ate fast food 7 days a week. I just didn’t care. I had bought a challenge pack from Beachbody, I even did a few challenge groups. By did, I mean I was listed in the groups. I didn’t actually do much of anything. I continued eating, for the most part, exactly how I had for decades. Crap piled on top of crap. I knew why I felt so awful. I just made the choice to not do anything about it. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was in general. I had no clue. I was tired. ALL THE TIME. I would be completely exhausted from an 8 hour shift. I had been in the ER for chest pains. They noticed a significant change in my EKG. If I continued on the path of self destruction I was on I would most likely have a heart attack. That was enough to make me change, right? I’d like to say yes but that would be a lie. No it wasn’t. I still ate what I wanted. I remember saying to someone that I didn’t want to die. But I’m not sure I really cared if I did. I mean, I wasn’t doing anything to change it. I started eating a little healthier….but not really. If you’re eating healthy 25% of the time you’re still eating unhealthy.

April 21, 2016 Prince died. How on earth can this be part of my story, right? I know. It’s crazy but it is part of it. I grew up with Prince’s music. Prince made me ok with my total weirdness. Prince made it ok to be me regardless of who that was. But it was more than that. I guess I sat here thinking well if this guy whom for decades jumped from 20 foot rafters could die I guess I could too. I somehow thought he was invincible. Everybody was talking about his legacy. What would my legacy be? That I ate myself to death? That’s not much of a legacy. I just suddenly realized with his passing that I was very unhappy in general. (For the record this has nothing to do with Jay. This experience has only made me love him more.) I wanted more out of life. I had many dreams earlier that I was taking steps to fulfill and I just stopped. I lost myself. I’m not sure how it happened but a good chunk of me was gone. And until this day I had no clue. None. His death hit me in such a profound, life changing way. It was like a mirror showing me the truth. Is this how I wanted my story to end? No, not by a longshot.

So I started eating the way I was supposed to. I started drinking the Shakeology I had paid for, every day as you’re supposed to. Something miraculous happened. My energy increased ridiculously! I mean ridiculously. I went from sleeping 11 hours a night and still being tired to sleeping 5 hours a night and waking up with loads of energy. My store has been cleaned many times…..not because I didn’t want to do it before, but, because I now had the energy. I have so much energy that every day I have to find things to do. I cannot be sedentary anymore. I won’t stop going on about these things I’m doing because I feel so amazing! And if one person tries these things and their life changes because of it then my goal is accomplished.. For the first time in a long time I wake up daily so happy to be alive. I love myself again. I am transformed. I have been awoken. I won’t go back to sleep."

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