Detox phase is OVA Over!

Sorry I have been MIA with keeping up, but I have not had a lot of energy. I really have not enjoyed the last few meals, so I am pretty much running on empty. So I will quickly just update you on the last two days.
The first breakfast we had was mashed chickpeas, spinach and avocado....I can't wait for a chocolate peanut butter shakeology! 
The lunch was a salad....

and the dinner was the kicker. It was squash with kale...BUT....I have never cut a squash before and damn was that a hard task. I was so hungry and the knife was just stuck in the squash and got so frustrated that I just started crylaughing. Ever done that??? when you are laughing and crying at the same time because a situation is so frustrating. Luckily I took a deep breath and got through it. My friend who was making hers at her own house sadly did not make it through the squash cutting unscathed as I did. She sliced her finger open and had to go to the hospital so please be careful cutting squash...oh and I really DISLIKE Kale.

The next morning breakfast was fruit. Lunch we had to blend up the leftover squash with coconut milk. My blender sucks so this was another hard task...all around FAIL with the squash. We had that and a salad...both were not very appetizing for me. Dinner I scarfed down so fast that I didn't even take a pic...oops sorry. 

Overall, I am really excited that this is almost over. Just 7 more days and I am done. I have lost 7lbs so far and I really don't want to lose anymore. The one thing I am extremely pumped about is I no longer have to take the poopy detox supplement....and I was just getting use to it. Oh well! 


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