OMG is it over yet???

First of all, I knew if I put the tequila picture as the thumbnail that you shits would read it!

I haven't written in 4 days and I feel like it has been 4 years! So Phase 2 has been pretty tough....way more than phase 1. There is less food at each meal....a lot less and I CAN NOT STAND the detox supplement. This weekend was tough in particular....I realized that I should probably just lock myself in my house for the final phase of this shit. The problem I have been finding with myself is...all I can talk about is the cleanse. Here is why....I am out with friends at a social after some flag football games and I am frigging starving! The lunch was just soup and salad which was hard to eat cause I was out all day so had to suck down cold soup in my car...then we go to the bar and they have a buffet or free fried...delicious food. I probably wouldn't care for that food any other day, but I am starving and feel like I need to be social so I stay. What ends up happening in this situation is you can't get your mind off how hungry you are so you talk about it....which brings up the cleanse....which brings people to tell you to go eat a damn onion ring! So....I am not leaving my house for the next 12 days. Here were the weekend meals which I apologize but a lot of them I ate before I could take a picture because I was so hungry.

-Breakfast was 1 serving of miso soup, 1/4 sliced avocado, 1/2 cup of chickpeas mashed with 1 tsp. olive oil. 
- Lunch was 1 serving of pinto beans and rice, and a microgreen salad.
-Dinner was sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque and 1 cup of asparagus. The soup was good p.s.

Breakfast was a fresh fruit plate, lunch was a greek salad, and a serving of the soup from the night before. Dinner was just Quinoa lentil pilaf and steamed broccoli...see what I mean about the food being less?

Breakfast was another fruit plate....lunch was Quinoa lentil pilaf and 1/2 serving of cucumber and tomato salad. Dinner was Vegetable-Miso Soup and 1 cup of swiss chard (not my fave). 

This was the hardest day because I was out all day around people drinking and eating and watching football. I didn't get to take any pics of my meals except for dinner and for the big burn I got making it.
Breakfast was once again a fruit plate, lunch was a salad and vegetable-miso soup, and dinner was  mediterranean roasted beets, coconut collard greens, and a serving of quinoa.

I am so ready for this phase to be over...2 more days! I should share though that my pants no longer all. They are actually falling off. I need to invest in new clothing all around!


  1. Jaime, I'm loving your blog! I've been wanting to do a cleanse for a while and have been somewhat leading up to it by just eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains the past couple weeks. I can't wait to see how the next phase goes for you!

    1. Thanks Nicole! If you want to know more about this one let me know! We can discuss in Italian

  2. Keep up the good work! I dont think i.could do this! Yay for clothes falling off!!!


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