Pre Reset!

So tomorrow I start The Ultimate Reset Cleanse by BeachBody. For those of you that do not know what that is, it is a cleanse that is meant to bring your body back to its "factory settings". I will be changing the way I eat and what I put into my body for 21 days. The cleanse is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1 (Reclaim) – In this phase you Reclaim your body’s chemistry by taking supplied supplements that optimize your bodies system and reduce cravings and dependencies. I have read other blogs and most say that in this phase you realize how dependent your body has become on certain things such as caffeine and sugar.

Phase 2 (Release) – In this phase you Release the effects of poor habits built up over the years. You change your diet so that your digestive system will work without strain. Issues of bloating or indigestion will be lessened as the gastrointestinal tract is cleansed.

Phase 3 (Restore)- In the final phase you restore your system to its maximum health!  I hear people experience positive shifts in mood and energy. You eat highly nutritional food that is absorbed into your newly scrubbed digestive tract with pre and probiotics. At this point your body will be ready for ongoing nutrition and ready to perform at peak performance.

So tomorrow is day 1 and I am both nervous and excited. I did the food shopping for phase 1 took me almost 2 hours! There are a lot of things on the list that actually take some effort to find in the store...a couple things I have never even heard of in my life!

You will have to bare with me on this pic...I just tried for 5 minutes to turn it in the right direction and failed so just tilt your head. Those are just SOME of the grains and nuts I got at the store yesterday!

Why am I doing this?

I decided to do this cleanse now for several reasons, but mainly because of an injury. After working out religiously since January I have had to take a few steps back because of injury to my lower back...aka ass...which has left me feeling not so great. Have you ever wondered where the term "pain in my ass" came from? Well I haven't...until now because I am legit living 24 hours a day with a pain in my ass! Not fun!

I have also started to notice old, bad eating habits creeping back up. I figured right before the holidays and the cold winter would be a good time to get my mind and body back in gear. Basically what I am hoping to get out of this whole thing is an improved physical and mental state!

So there is the cleanse overview, starting tomorrow I will be posting my day to day Up's and down's....mostly for your knowledge and or enjoyment. So check back tomorrow for day 1 of my personal hell! I hear you "have to go through hell to get to heaven" so we will see!


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