Reset day's only day 1???

So lets just start off by saying...I hardly ever eat fast food. If I do, it is either because I am really drunk or really hungover. With that being said last night I noticed some interesting things. My roommate and I had a friend over for dinner. They of course made their own dinner and harassed me for about an hour or so while I made mine....although the two dinners really weren't that different. Ever have one of those friends that just love to push your buttons? Well that is Tre, and she was doing a lovely job of pushing my buttons last night "knocking" my cleanse. Normally I can take her shit and laugh....but day 1 for me proved to be quite emotional at times. I went from being really angry to laughing my ass off, to verge of tears,back to laughing. In the end there were more laughs than tears because Tre is hilarious. 

While we were watching last nights episode of survivor I realized that A. I feel like I am on survivor doing the cleanse with all this cooking and prepping...I might as well be hunting my own food at this point, or at least cooking it over a fire I created myself with sticks...

and 2. during the commercials I seemed to notice that they are all about food, and not just any food, delicious...unhealthy...mostly fried or fatty food. I was specifically craving that Doritos taco from Taco Bell. I think I have only eaten Taco Bell maybe once in my entire life, and I am pretty sure I spent the next two days in the bathroom so I am not sure why I was drooling over said taco, but I was. Other than the emotions, harassment and cravings, day 1 wasn't so bad. 

Breakfast was delicious and the supplements I had to take a half hour before eating it weren't bad either. For breakfast I had two pieces of whole grain toast, two scrambled eggs, and a healthy portion of spinach. I am use to having just a shake for breakfast so I loved every minute of it. You need to wait 2 hours between meals and take supplements 30 minutes before which made things a little more difficult than my "normal day at the office". Although I wasn't hungry, just the thought of not being able to eat until a certain time makes one believe that they are hungry. Lunch proved to be just as tasty as breakfast. It was a field green salad with a home made balsamic dressing which was delish! I was feeling a little tired all day, but I am still not sure if that is from the reset or the cleanse. So one not so great moment of day one was taking the alkalanize supplement. It was basically like taking a shot of grass that was just cut from your pre-season field hockey field....gross. See below :(

Dinner was just as good, although the harassment from my friends was a tad annoying, but I guess I better get use to it for the next three weeks. I substituted chicken for the salmon but used the same lemon and olive oil marinade which pretty good. The sides were baby potato's and asparagus, both were delicious and did the job. I decided to skip my usual late night shows and head to bed early....definitely feeling more tired than usual. Hopefully tomorrow goes just as well. 


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