Reset Eve

Ok so last night was the eve before the big 21 day Reset Cleanse which will rule my life, and I decided I was going to have some "goodbye to normal life" snacks. I hadn't gone food shopping for anything other than cleanse stuff so I needed to order out. What I really wanted was to shove my face in a huge bucket of KFC, but I took a deep breath and decided on a steak tip salad instead...wasn't that great....should of went with the KFC!
To make up for my not so tasty salad, I also decided to have a big piece of homemade apple pie and a gigantic bowl of my all time favorite snack...popcorn! Yes I ate that entire bowl to my head...just told myself, "it's ok I am cleansing tomorrow!". Best piece of pie and bowl of popcorn I ever ate!

After my mow fest, I read through the book and prepped for day 1. BeachBody provided me with an interesting little supplement carrier in which I filled with all of my "tasty" supplements. I also signed my book to make it official!  

So although I was super restless and nervous about the weeks to come, I took a deep breath...set my alarm for waaayyy too early and went to bed. Can't wait to write about my first day! One more thing....I have been getting a little annoyed by other peoples "concerns" about me doing a cleanse. Why is it that if I tell people I'm going to kill a bottle of tequila tomorrow I get high fives, but if I say I am cleansing my body they come up with 500 reasons why I shouldn't??? So annoying!


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