Ultimate Reset Day 2...this isn't so bad....or is it?

So day 2 is in the bag and there are only 19 days left of the cleanse. So far I have been enjoying it...hasn't been too bad, but it also hasn't been the weekend yet. Can't wait to pass up the 500 drinks I am offered this weekend. Not only that, its basically a workout in itself just saying no to people. I am envisioning the conversation going something like this: person: "Hey Jaime let me buy you a drink" Me: "no thanks I'm good" person: "why? what are you on a diet?" Me: "No, I'm cleansing"....then I don't hear the end of it for the next hour...not to mention if I did have a drink, my drink of choice is tequila, and that would NOT be good to have while cleansing...I would end up on the bathroom floor. But, there is no way I am hiding in my house for the next 19 days so I'll have to think of wise ass responses before I leave the house.

I am still experiencing up and down emotions which is fine..I had read before hand that may happen, so I am finding it overall pretty amusing. I cried while watching a commercial last night....a commercial! Meals yesterday were really good, breakfast was really filling, lunch did the job and dinner was surprisingly very large and really good. One thing I need to take into consideration for days to come though is how much time it will take to be prepping my dinners. I didn't start prepping until I was already starving and the dinner took about an hour to make. Towards the end I could hardly read the recipe. The shot of what I like to call "the green shit" was still nasty just like the day before...maybe by day 20 I will be able to stomach it. Below are some pictures of my meals. Overall I am feeling pretty good...I am halfway through the Restore phase, and it seems like a piece of cake thus far....Mmmmmmmm cake.

                       (Breakfast: 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of fresh blueberries, 1/2 cup of plain yogurt with a little honey)

(I forgot to take a picture of lunch so here is dinner: Brown rice, black beans, fresh corn...1/4 a cup of guac, 2 tablespoons of salsa, a serving of spinach with pine nuts, and a corn tortilla)


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