How I enjoyed the Super Bowl guilt free

Let's be serious, in the past the Super Bowl for me was just an excuse to get drunk and mow my face off. Unless the Patriots were playing I don't even think I watched the screen other than for commercials and the half time show (which I must say was AMAZING this year! Props to my girl Beyonce!) and the only reason I checked the score was to see if I was winning any money on squares. 

This year, with my new lifestyle, I took a different approach. Instead of spending my time before kick off killing beers which ultimately would end up with me being cross eyed before the game even started, I spent my time cooking. I found two of my favorite classics in clean eating form on The Gracious Pantry website! My sister and brother in law (who I sucked into doing my most recent beachbody challenge and are kicking ass) invited me over to watch the game and eat clean!

The menu consisted of 2 bean turkey chili, and spicy honey BBQ tenders and wings made by yours truly, and chicken quesadilla with guacamole and homemade pita chips courtesy of my most favorite sister (even though you are my only sister shhh) Lauren. I must say everything we had was absolutely delicious and I am pretty sure if we had an "anti" (this is what I like to call people who criticize and harass me for eating clean and working out) in our presence, that they would have absolutely no idea that these recipes were clean! The only thing I will say is that everyone preferred the chicken tenders to the wings, but that may be because I am special and left the wings whole LOL. I did NOT want to chop them up nor did I know how! Although according to my brother in law there are videos on youtube that help you through that process. 

Either way, the tenders were enough for me and thank god I ate them before watching that Go Daddy commercial because I completely lost my appetite after that. Seriously....I thought the first time it was on was bad, but then they played it several more times and it only got worse...GROSS!

Earlier this week Beach Body posted some pointers on how to survive The Super Bowl for those of you who actually care about the game lol. I've decided to share the ones that would of helped me in the past.


1. Make a drinking Plan: Beer will be flowing, it is part of the sport of watching football. Have a plan for how many you’re going to drink before you start. Slow your intake, and ward off a Monday morning hangover by drinking tall glass of water between each beer. I personally don't drink beer I prefer some GSL action (greygoose, soda, lemon). 

2. Eat before you go: Don’t arrive for kick-off with an empty stomach. Drink Shakeology or eat a light meal with lean protein before game time. This will help curb junk food cravings.

3. Pick your seat wisely: The best seat in the house is not front-and-center if there is a table filled with food within arms reach. Stake out a seat near the game but away from the junk.

4. Have A.D.D.:  Watch the game (and the commercials!). Talk to your friends. Cheer for your team. Heckle the other team. The more involved you
are in the real action, the less likely you’ll be to absentmindedly fill your face hole with Funyuns.

Overall, my game night was a success. I was not 

hungover this morning, I didn't gain 5 pounds in 4

hours, and I learned some new tasty recipes!


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