Clean Eating Snack Ideas

I have been hearing from people that finding healthy, transportable snack ideas are an issue for them. I have decided to put together a list of easy to carry snack ideas. These are recipes that I will make in bulk at the beginning of the week, leave a few out for snacks on the go, and freeze the rest until needed. I can only leave a few out, because when too many are around I find myself eating more than I should! 

#1- Turkey Meat Loaf Muffins 

clean eating snack ideas, turkey meatloaf muffins

Turkey meatloaf muffins may seem like an absurd idea when you read the name, but let me tell you they are damn good! I made enough for the week, and would have them as snacks. Good source of protein, easy to make, and easy to take with you on the run!

clean eating snack ideas, pumpkin chocolate chip protein squares

These are actually a little too good! I recommend after making them either immediately freezing what you don't need, or giving the extras away to your friends! 

clean eating snack ideas, cinnamon chocolate chip protein bars

Ok I'm not going to lie, out of all the recipes in this post these are my absolute favorite. I think I might actually like them a little too much. I now will only make them when I know I am giving them away! 

#4- Power Granola

clean eating snack ideas, granola, power granola

This is an easy to make and filling snack. You can actually make a bunch at the start of the week and just take one serving out at a time, or already have it pre-portioned into servings! 

#5- Shakeology Truffles

clean eating snack ideas, no bake shakeology balls

Those of you that know me know that Shakeology balls are my go to! They are easy to make, no baking involved, and last all week! You can also try adding your own little 'extras' to the recipe. 

clean eating snack ideas, banana chocolate chip cookies

Once again...Yum! As always with all of these snacks you have to be careful and really stick to the proper portions. They are good for a treat in between meals, but not to go overboard. 

Hope these snack recipes help with your cravings, and your sweet tooth! Just remember, just because they are better for you does not mean you can eat a million of them! Proper portions! 

If you would like to talk more with me about clean eating snack ideas, nutrition, workouts, or are interested in joining an upcoming challenge group, please message me at!


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