Why Not You?

why not you, beacbody coach, fitness motivation, positivity, hey you

Hey you...yes you! The one who scrolls through facebook "liking" posts about getting your life in order and wishing that it could be you. The one who has thought about focusing on yourself and really getting your shit together about 9 billion times, but doesn't believe that you actually have the time, dedication, or focus to do it. You! The one who feels stuck. The one who feels like you have everything in the world, but that something is still missing. The one who wakes up every day, going through the motions, just hoping something will change. The one who always wished you could, but now you think you are too old. The one who keeps saying I should of been....I could of been...if only. You! Guess what?...That was me! 

why not you, beacbody coach, fitness motivation, positivity, excuses
I was too old. It wasn't in my genes. I didn't have time. I didn't have the education. I didn't have the motivation, will, strength, or drive. I tried it before and it didn't work. I was just not cut out for it. I'm was too shy. I lacked the confidence. I lacked the social skills. I liked beer too much. I liked pasta too much. I was Italian and we love bread. If she couldn't do it, I DEFINITELY couldn't do it....but guess what? I did it. 

why not you, beacbody coach, fitness motivation, positivity, never too oldYou're not too old until your dead. Genes don't mean shit. Make time. Learn through personal development. Get motivated. Try it again, and again until it works. Make yourself cut out for it. Step out of your comfort zone. Develop confidence. Practice your social skills. Drink beer and eat pasta in moderation. Stop comparing yourself to others. Why not you? 

why not you, beacbody coach, fitness motivation, positivity

Don't let your ego talk you out of something that you want. If you want it, you can do it. It won't happen over night, and it won't be easy, but YOU got this! There is no magic pill, there is only hard work and dedication, and that hard work and dedication will equal results. Know what happens when you get good results because of working hard and being dedicated? You gain everything you ever wanted. You find that piece that is missing. You begin to go down roads that you never imagined you could. You start to live....and living is great. So tell me again....Why not you?

why not you, beacbody coach, fitness motivation, positivity, jillian michaels


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