Jo Dee Messina: Day 1 on the fix

Tuesday August 5  - 21 Day Fix Post

Today is a definite “think ahead” day.  This evening I will have to pack my food for 2 days.  I leave the house at 5am and head to the airport.  I have a 7:45am flight to Salt Lake City for a show late at night.  I’m changing time zones, so my day will be extra long.  Traveling to a different city and spending days in airport and on plane, I will not have a “predictable” food provider.  So, I’m just gonna pack my meals. 

Tuesday I will have Shakeology when I get up at 4:45am 
I’m planning on cooking egg whites tonight so that, that can be my meal on the plane.  Replaceing the complimentary pretzels of peanuts ;-)

My day is extra long, ending with a show.  Shows are like workouts, so with my 21 day fix workout and a show, I’m adding a meal.  Keeping my schedule to, eating something every 2 1/2 - 3 hrs.
Wednesday will be a 20 hour day with workout, travel and show. 

Thursday is a travel day starting, again, at 5am Nashville time.  I know my body.  I will be too tired to even think about food, food prep, etc. 

To those who travel - TSA is miserable to carry things through.  Easy, non liquid, snacks / meals to travel with :

Apple and Almonds
Quinea stir fry
Shakeology Poweder   ( buy water beyond security ) 
Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds
Cut Veggies - carrots, red and yellow peppers with blue container of hummus 

The first workout of 21 Day Fix, was not easy.  This is what I did today

7am 30 minute run
8 Sakeology
9 21 day Fix Workout
10:50  Egg whites, onions1/2 Ezekiel wrap and SLIVER of avocado 
1:30  Kale/spinach salad with red peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, sunflower seeds and apple cider vinegar 
6:30   Tilapia, spinach and sweet potato 

I missed a snack due to running errands.  All my foods are pre packed for next 2 days including all of my container servings. 


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