You're not in Kansas Anymore...and by Kansas, I mean Boston.

This morning I hopped on a plane heading from Boston to Nashville. I have never really stayed anywhere that was not on a coast for more than a few days, but I will be down in Nashville for almost an entire month. For many years my cousin Jo Dee Messina has inspired me with her music, and now it is my turn to inspire her with fitness. It means a lot to me to be able to give something back to her. I never liked country music growing up. I always thought it was cool that she was so talented, but I never really 'got' the music. It wasn't until 2005 when my cousin Joseph passed away from a rare form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma, that her music became more to me than just something I was hearing. A month after he passed she had a show up in Boston that the whole Messina family was attending. I remember that the proceeds of the show were being donated to St. Judes Childrens hospital. Beyond that, Jo Dee did a 3 song tribute to Joseph. There was a huge slide show of pictures of his adorable little face while she sang the most beautiful song, 'Heaven Was Needing a Hero'. I left that show with a new found love for my cousin Jo Dee, and country music. The entire Delicious Surprise album helped me through some pretty hard times, and for that I was very thankful.

Jo Dee Messina, Jo Dee Messina 21 day fix, St. Judes Childrens hospital, 21 day fix, nueroblastoma, nashville, beachbody coach

Now it is my turn to do something for her. Jo Dee contacted me a few weeks ago about getting in shape for an upcoming video shoot for her new album ME. I really only had to hear the first sentence before I replied yes. To be able to come down to Nashville and share not only with Jo Dee, but with all her fans, what I love to do is such an amazing opportunity. We decided to invite her fans to do it with us, and starting on Tuesday 300 people will begin their 21 Day Fix journey with my cousin and I. 

Jo Dee Messina, Jo Dee Messina 21 day fix, St. Judes Childrens hospital, 21 day fix, nueroblastoma, nashville, beachbody coach

wolf spiderNow as I said before I am a coastal girl, and I am pretty fond of my beloved city of Boston. I have only been here a few hours and have had a huge spider in my room, grasshoppers jumping all over my feet, and almost had a panic attack over a sign warning about a lawn mower. Why would they call it a 'bush hog' anyway? I expected to see a huge wart hog with a bush wacker running toward the car or something. Regardless of my 'city girl' ways, I am so excited to be down here in Nashville spending time with Jo Dee and proving what an amazing program the fix is!

bush hog

Stay tuned, and keep checking back because I will be documenting the whole experience for you all to see. We will be figuring out ideas to stick to the plan while traveling (which she does a lot), and having fun figuring out what will work for her! 


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