Back to the Basics!

Most weekends my best friend Liz and I will go food shopping together. We are both really into health and fitness, and since she has a baby we don't spend time together like we use to. We use our food shopping for social time together, and also time to discuss our health and fitness. We always end up going at the busiest time possible, which is ok because we have learned some tricks to the trade. While shopping during prime time on a Sunday afternoon we realized how incredibly overwhelming something as simple as food shopping can be, especially when you are starting a new diet, and looking for things you may have never heard of. It was then that we decided to create a new challenge group, one that gets back to the basics. One that strips it down right from the start. We wanted to include things like navigating your way around a busy grocery store, meal prepping, setting up a work out space, creating meal plans, clean eating 101, cooking 101, and everything in between. 

Sometimes when you are deep into the fitness journey, you forget all the struggles you had at the beginning. That is why we are going to strip it down and stick to the simple how to's. Is this a challenge that you feel would be beneficial to you? Then we invite you to join us! Fill out the challenge group application below, and we can help you get set up with everything you need to be successful through this challenge!

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