How to Workout AND Watch Xmas Movies at the Same time.

The number one way to stay on track with your workouts this holiday season is to schedule them in and NOT miss them, BUT if you do happen to miss a workout here and there, I have the perfect solution! 

Do you love Christmas movies? How about multi-tasking? This season enjoy your family, the movies, and get active when watching the classics by turning it into a game! Not sure what I mean? Next time you watch one of these classic holiday movies try this out:

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

national lampoons xmas vacation, fit tips

Anytime something goes wrong during the movie get up and do 10 push ups. 


elf, fit tips

Any time the word elf is used do 10 jumping jacks.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the grinch stole christmas, fit tips

Anytime the word 'Who' is used drop and do 5 burpees.

Home Alone 

home alone, fit tips,

Anytime someone in the movie gets hurt, do 10 squats. 

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer 

rudolph the red nose reindeer, fit tips

Anytime a reindeer flies, do 10 sit ups. 

If you aren't into watching Christmas movies, here are some other ideas to keep you on track.

- Take the stairs and wear a heart rate monitor when shopping.
-If it snows, be the one to go out and shovel or play in the snow!
- Start new active holiday traditions such as ice skating or sledding.
-Have guests coming over? Use cleaning as a workout.

Whatever you do to get active, just remember that one bad day does not mean it has to be a bad month. Put the bad day behind you and start fresh the next day! 


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