The Power of Visualization

Lately I have been more aware of the affect that positive thought and visualization has on ones success. Back in the day I would have thought that vision boards, and positive affirmations were a bunch of junk...but back in the day I wasn't achieving my goals. The top performers of all walks of life use visualization to help them achieve their goals.

visualization, positive thinking, Jaime messina

I started practicing visualization this past year, and am an absolute believer in its power. Did you know when you visualize what it is that you want, that you actually activate your creative subconscious? This helps you to get the creative juices flowing that will help you actually reach your goal. Visualization also helps to program your brain so that without even thinking your brain will recognize the resources it will need to fulfill your dreams and goals. 

visualization, positive thinking, Jaime messina, The secret

Have you ever watched the movie or read the book, The Secret? Watching that movie is what made me start this whole visualization thing. I figured even if it didn't work, what if it I began to visualize my goals, and repeat affirmations before bed. I even made a vision board and hung it up next to my desk. I will tell you that what is actually coming to life from my vision board is at times scary. There has been an instance where I put something on my board and a week later it came to life. When I originally put it on the board I was thinking within the next couple years it would happen, it was the next couple weeks. 

visualization, positive thinking, Jaime messina, goals, dreams, create

Just having a dream doesn't turn it into a reality. Just visualizing it doesn't turn it into a reality either, but what visualizing does is builds your internal motivation. This causes your brain to take the necessary actions to make your dream a reality. When you continue to visualize your dream every day, it continues to motivate.

visualization, positive thinking, Jaime messina

I am sure you are now wondering HOW exactly one should visualize. It's easy! All you do is set aside a few minutes a day where you turn off your distractions and focus on visualizing. I actually set an alarm on my phone that goes off at 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 11 p.m.. When the alarm goes off, I put my phone on silent and take 3 minutes to visualize. I find a comfortable space where I am able to put my feet up, close my eyes, and picture what it is that I want to achieve. I visualize everything as if it is real right now. Where am I? How do I feel? What am I doing? What is life like in that moment? I make it real. I am not thinking WHEN this happens this is how I will feel, I am thinking this IS real. 

When the 3 minutes is up, I go back to my regular day. It is that simple. Today I invite you to give it a try. What do you have to lose? In a perfect world what would your life look like? Take 3 minutes and visualize this. Do it every day for a month. I would love to hear how it works out for you! 


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