What About Frozen Dinners?

Recently I was asked why I frown upon frozen meals such as Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice and Smart Ones. I want to start out by stating that 5 years ago I would have at least 10 of these frozen meals in my freezer at one time, but as I learned more about food and nutrition I completely stopped that practice!

First lets start with the names of these products. Of course products with the words Lean, Healthy, and Smart are good for us right? Not so much! In our society companies find ways to mislead consumers by using terminology that makes one THINK something is good for them when it really has limited nutritious value what so ever. Terms like 'all-natural', 'multi-grain', 'no sugar added', 'sugar free', 'zero trans fat', 'free range', 'fat free', 'made with real fruit', and 'cholesterol free' are used VERY loosely and there is no real regulation when it comes to it.

As for the specific frozen food products I mentioned about here is why I do not recommend that my challengers eat them:

They focus on reduced calories, fat grams, and carbohydrates. Now this might in the short term help you to lose a little weight, but it most certainly does NOT make you healthy. And here is why:

All Calories Are Not Created Equal!

It's basically like looking at 5lbs of feathers vs. 5lbs of brick. They both weigh 5lbs but are very different! You are not going to get the same benefits if you eat 500 calories of Doritos and 500 calories of broccoli. Yes they both are 500 calories, but the Doritos have no nutritional value. The broccoli on the other hand will provide your body with tons of vitamins, nutrients, and fuel to help it thrive. When your body is provided with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to thrive good things start happening. You might start to sleep better, notice increased energy, weight loss, improvement in your hair, nails, and skin. All of these factors lead to you feeling healthier, and better all around in your own skin. 

My suggestion is this...

Stay away from food that comes in boxes, that has more than 5 ingredients or names of ingredients that seem like they should be on your little brothers science homework. Fill your body with lots of fruits and veggies, stop looking for the 'quick fix' and make little changes one by one to do something good for your body! Show yourself and your body some respect...and eat well!! 


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