22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan

22 minute hard corps meal plan,

I am currently on week 2 of the new Tony Horton program 22 Minute Hard Corps and I will admit, it has taken some getting use to. It is just really hard for me to get through my head that it is ok to workout for just 22 minutes. I end the workouts breathless and sweaty, but my brain is still trained to think I need to workout for longer! 

22 minute hard corps meal plan,

That being said, the workout really is bad ass and I have no doubt that my body is changing and getting a damn good workout. I am taking this program very seriously and will be making meal plans each week as well as sharing weekly progress reports and updates. So here we go...week two meal plan!!!

22 minute hard corps meal plan,

Follow me on my Hard Corps journey!! Do you want to get some with 22 Minute Hard Corps?? I have a challenge group starting up soon! Join us!! Fill out the application below!

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