Beachbody's New Trainer, Chris Downing. Why I Love Him Might Surprise You.

You guys know I love myself a new workout program, and Chris Downing's Shift Shop will not disappoint but that is not what has me so intrigued by the newest trainer in our Beachbody family. 

Chris Downing, Arrest, Legal Problems, marijuana, Beachbody, Trainer, Shift Shop,

I had the opportunity to test his program live at our annual coach trip to Punta Cana this past April and immediately felt a connection. Chris is a NASM certified trainer who has a huge physique and an even bigger heart. He is incredibly captivating...his words of encouragement during the workout actually had me tearing up, but that is still not the reason I am big time crushing on him. 

While waiting for the workout to begin in Punta Cana the girl standing next to me turned and said, "Do you know his story? It's amazing". So I decided to do a little research. As it turns out, Chris was going through a pretty difficult time in his life when the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, found him on youtube.  In March of 2015, Chris had been involved in a drug sting and was charged with possession of marijuana. Ultimately Chris pleaded guilty and was sentenced to probation and community service, but it took a huge toll on his mental state and his livelihood. Chris said, “I felt I let people down, my community and people I had influence over. I went into a major depression. I was broken...One bad decision can change your life forever. I nearly lost both my gyms. I knew that I had to redeem myself somehow.” 

Chris Downing, Arrest, Legal Problems, marijuana, Beachbody, Trainer, Shift Shop,

Little did Chris know that Carl Daikeler actually had found him on youtube, knew about his legal trouble, and was watching his social media presence closely to see if this was a dude that would fit into the Team Beachbody family. “Carl knew about my legal situation and could’ve written me off right there,” Downing said. “But Beachbody took a chance on me based on my talent. This is my redemption moment.”

I love a good comeback story, and I know all too well how one bad decision can change the course of your life. After seeing what Chris was like in person, hearing his story, and sweating my ass off with his workouts, I am so excited to start the Shift Shop program when it is released at our coach summit in July. 

Chris Downing, Arrest, Legal Problems, marijuana, Beachbody, Trainer, Shift Shop,

So many people believe that they need to just accept the hand they were dealt, that one mistake or failure means game over...that just isn't the case. Keep growing, keep pushing, take your failures and learn from them, grow from your mistakes and amazing things can happen. 

Today I was able to test out the Shift Shop workout on Beachbody on Demand, and absolutely loved it. A 3-week program with 25-45 minute workouts, new workouts each week, a nutrition guide, and Chris Downing? Yes, please!

Want to be the first to get your hands on Shift Shop when it is released and join our Shift Shop challenge? Fill out the application below ASAP! 

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