Low Carb Meal Plan

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Many of you have been reaching out and asking me what my day of nutrition looks like and what I have been doing for my meals. I will try to share my meal plan with you all each week to keep myself in check and to also give you all some ideas! 

I have been eating low carb, as well as practicing intermittent fasting which means I stop eating at 8pm and don't eat my first actual meal until 1 pm. I start my morning with my keto max exogenous ketones which don't break my fast and gives me the boost of energy I need to get through the morning. By waking up fasted and drinking ketones I am waking up in ketosis and burning fat. Some days my first meal is our Keto Kreme coffee which is our version of a fatty coffee. I love it because it's loaded with collagen and MCT.

Implementing Keto Kreme into my routine helps me increase good fats in my diet which is necessary for energy while I am eating low carb and supplementing with exogenous ketones. I prefer a low carb diet over strict ketogenic although I may go in and out of strict keto certain weeks depending on my goals. 

I usually have another Keto Max in the afternoon, another low carb dinner before 8pm and end the night with some Keto Kalm Tea. I absolutely love the tea because it really helps me to get quality rested sleep which helps me to ROCK my mornings. Check back in each week for a new meal plan!!

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