Why go through a Beachbody Coach?

Sooooo you were up late one night and saw a Beachbody infomercial....maybe T25 or Insanity. You were laying in bed maybe munching on some chips and thought "I should do that". First off, high-five for being smart and taking an interest in your health. Second...you SHOULD! This post is not about IF you should do a Beachbody workout program, clearly I think you should and believe they work. This post is about the benefit of purchasing your program through a coach rather than the infomercial or website. 

insanity, shaun TIf you don't know me, my name is Jaime, and I am a Beachbody customer turned coach. If you want to see my transformation you can do that here. Before I became a customer I often found myself up late at night with insomnia watching the Insanity or P90X infomercials. These infomercials always scared the CRAP out of me. I wanted to do the workouts, but when I thought 'Insanity', I pictured jacked up professional athletes and I just didn't think I was athletic enough or even motivated enough to complete a program like that. It wasn't until much later on when I found my coach that I actually decided to give Beachbody a try. 

This brings me to my first reason why you should go through a coach. 

1. A Coach Will Help You Find a Program that Works Best for YOU!

When I first started talking to my coach online (I have never actually met her in person), she wanted to know all about me. She asked me questions about my likes and dislikes when it came to workouts, about my time limitations, and physical limitations. She basically asked everything she needed to know in order to help me pick a workout that best fit my needs. Most people who are not emerged in the Beachbody world think that they really only have a couple of options for workouts. They know about Insanity,T25, P90X or P90X3 because these are the most popular. I was one of those people. Luckily, by speaking with my coach I learned that Beachbody offered lots of different fitness programs with a ton of different trainers. There were different levels of intensity and focuses. They had male and female trainers, short workouts, long workouts, dance workouts, body building workouts...everything under the sun. My coach helped me pick a program that best met MY needs and abilities at that time. I actually ended up picking a program I had never heard of, Les Mills Pump, and loved it!

les mills pump

So maybe you already know what you want. You are a bad ass and think you will put Shaun T to shame. Did you know that most people who purchase a fitness program on their own never even take it out of the box? I am also guilty of this. I once saw the Ab coaster on an infomercial and HAD to have it. I bought it, was anticipating its arrival, it came...I put it together and.....it took up space and collected dust in my office. Oops! I know it would have worked had I actually used it, but for some reason it just sat there day after day. Which brings me to reason #2 why going through a coach is beneficial to you.

2. A Coach Will Hold You Accountable!

fitness motivation, excusesWe are less likely to get things done when the only person we have to answer to is ourselves. This concept is crazy to me, but so true! Think about all the times you told yourself you were going to workout and at the last minute made an excuse. Of course you will accept your excuse and believe it is a good one....YOU made it! Although we should be self motivated, lets be serious, a lot of us are motivated by other people. We don't want to look bad, lazy, or weak and THAT is why we do things. You are more likely to open your package and start your workout when you have someone checking in on you. 

Although health and fitness is a passion of most coaches, it is also how they make their income. That being said, coaches WANT you to succeed. 

3. A Coach Wants You to be Successful!

A coach does not want you to just purchase a product through them and never open it. This is actually really bad for the coach. Yes they make a small commission off of the product you bought, but that doesn't matter if you never open it and do not see results. Coaches WANT you to see the results. They WANT you to be successful. If you never open the product and do not see results:

1. You will not recommend that product to other people.

2. People will not ask you what you are doing to look so damn hot.
3. You will most likely not be a repeat customer. 

Coaches want you to succeed, and will do anything and everything they can to make that possible. It is why we became coaches! Making an income is just a plus to what we do. I became a coach because I want to pass along the same gift of health and fitness that my coach helped me achieve. When you are successful, I am doing my job and in turn makes me successful.


I only listed 3 reasons here why going through a Beachbody coach is better than just buying it offline or on t.v., but the truth is there are a million reasons. Coaches provide you with support, motivation, and accountability. You can join their challenge groups and go through your program with other people in the same boat. If you ever have questions about meals, or products they are a call, text, or email away. The bottom line is that we will do whatever we can to help you achieve your goals and succeed. We became coaches to help others, the same way that we were helped. 

If you would like to have me as your Beachbody coach you can send me an email at Messina1892@gmail.com or click here and sign up for a free Beachbody account. 


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