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So I know that most of you see my health and fitness related posts and recipes, but did you know that I actually make a living doing it? When my coach Melanie approached  me about becoming a coach I had every excuse in the book why I shouldn't do it. I was not at my fitness goal yet, I did not have a background in fitness or nutrition, I didn't believe that anyone cared what I had to say. Although I kept telling myself all of those things, something kept pulling me toward becoming a coach. I felt a passion deep inside me that I just couldn't ignore. 
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The thing is, to be a Team Beachbody coach you don't need to have the perfect body, or be a trainer, or nutritionist. All you need is to lead by example, be a positive influence, and motivate others. My own fitness transformation was great, but I can honestly say what really changed me for the better, was becoming a coach. I now get paid to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals. I love my job, and feel like my life has a purpose. Becoming a coach has made me feel better about myself, about other people, and about life in general. 

Why join my team? I have recently made this a full time job and am devoted to helping my coaches grow their business and reach their potential. I also have access to the #1 team in all of Beachbody. All of their training programs and leadership skills will be at the tip of your fingers. Not only will you have access to all that, but they are the best team in the world. Once a month I hold a 60 day coach apprenticeship program. This program will provide you with all the information and training needed to move through the ranks, increase your earning potential, develop your leadership skills, and grow your own independent team.

If you are interested in joining my team, I would love to talk to you! Message me and fill out the form below!

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