How Focusing on Health and Fitness Changed My Life.

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I just returned home from an all expense paid cruise that I earned through being a Team Beachbody coach. The cruise was absolutely amazing, and although I would like to share with you how the trip was, I have something I feel is more important. I realize that many of you may read my positive quotes, and see my before and after pictures. This is great, but I have come to realize that I need to provide you with a better understanding of where I was before I found Beachbody. This post is to give you a little incite into my past, and how much I have changed my life by focusing on health and fitness not just on the outside...but on the inside as well.  

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This is a picture of me from a Halloween party held at my own home two years ago right before I decided to join my first Beachbody challenge group. I am sure you are all expecting me to talk about how I physically look in this picture, but that is NOT the reason I chose this specific picture. The only reason I know I was at this party (which as I stated earlier was in my own home), is because of this picture. Before I found my coach Melanie, and Team Beachbody I was in a very bad place in my life. I had struggled with depression and anxiety from a very young age, and even though I was on medication, it was not helping the way I would have liked. Medication only numbs you, it does not make you happy. At the time this picture was taken was one of my lowest points. I was drinking A LOT. This was because the only time I felt normal or even remotely close to happy was when I was drinking or on something. You can even see in my eyes that I am not present mentally. My body is there, but I was not. I truly believe that if I had not found my coach when I had that there is a good chance I would be dead or in jail. I am the type of person who likes to leave the past behind and focus on present, but I am sharing this with you all so other people who might be in the same spot I was can know that change for the better IS possible. 

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I sometimes hear from negative people that my constant positive posts about health and fitness annoy them. My response to that is, if I have to annoy ten people to get through to one person and change their life, so be it. I originally joined a challenge group because I wanted to change my body. I thought getting in shape and looking good was the key to a better life, and at first this was the case. I loved the way I felt, and that my body was changing. I soon realized that there was so much more to it then just a physical change. Once I started implementing good habits, more than just my body change. Inside I started to feel happy, and confident. For the first time in my life I liked who I was. I was proud of the hard work I put in to get there, and it was good to be me. When my coach approached me about the coaching opportunity the only reason I joined was to pay off what I was spending on the products. Slowly I realized that I was helping others change their lives too. They could see just by talking to me that I was changing both inside and out. I had a personal hand in helping people feel good in their own bodies, which trickled into making other aspects of their lives more positive as well. This was an amazing feeling. Although this was all great, I was still missing what my bigger purpose was. 

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A week before I left for the cruise my coach asked us what type of person we thought we could reach, and therefor help. This proved to be a hard task for me...I just could not figure out who it was that would relate to me. Two days before I left for my trip someone I had worked with committed suicide. It was the third suicide in the past year of someone I had known. I sat there and thought about how she must of felt to have thought that was her only option. I remembered what it was like within myself when I was at a really horrible point in my life. I felt that in a way I could relate to her. I then realized that Beachbody basically saved my life. I may have still been alive had I never found Beachbody, but I would not have been living. Today in this current moment I feel so incredibly alive. I wake up happy every morning. I find myself without even thinking about it, thanking god for all of the people and things that I have in my life. I realized that although it was hard to admit and say out loud how I had been before finding Beachbody, that I needed to share that part of my story. I need to share with others how by focusing on my health, fitness, and helping others completely changed me. Just putting the positive out now might make others think I have always been this way, and that is NOT the case. They might see me now and never know who or how I was before. I am so happy and grateful to be alive.

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From this point forward my mission in life is to help others feel like I do. I realize that everyone has a different 'Why'. Everyone has different reason and motivations for why they want to change. To me, that doesn't matter. As long as I can do my part to help them get where they want or need to be, then I will be happy. 

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I want anyone reading this to know that if you are feeling lost, depressed, or like life just sucks, it can and will get better. The first step in changing your life is to change how you think. Stop thinking that there is no way out, because there is. It may not be Beachbody for you like it was for me, but there is something. Start doing things for others, start appreciating the simple things in life. There is no magic pill that I could have taken, no super hero that was going to come save me. It was all there within myself, and I just needed to find it. Every time you think a negative thought stop yourself and replace it with a good one. Sometimes it is hard to recognize all the good in this world, because our culture is obsessed with bad news. There is more good than bad. Look around and you will see it. 

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If you would like to speak to me about taking steps to change your life, I welcome you to message me. I don't want anyone to feel the way I felt two years ago. I love where I am in this life, and I want to spread that feeling to everyone I come in contact with. For me it was focusing on my health and fitness that made me realize my purpose in this world. For you it may be something else, but I challenge you to find it. If you think a challenge group could get you on the right path, I always have some starting up and I would love to be your coach. YOU can change your life. 


  1. Very powerful message. I can definitely relate! Normalizing depression and anxiety and reminding people that things CAN change is such an important service. Thank you Jamie.


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