HUGE SAVINGS! Team Beachbody Black Friday Sale!

Here are the deals that are on sale for the Beachbody Black Friday Sale. 

They will go live on Tuesday, November 25th (by 5pm PST) until Tuesday, December 2nd (by 5pm PST). 
Offer quantities are limited and Based on past sales I will tell you that these go FAST! 

Whether you are shopping for yourself, or giving the gift of health this holiday season, what better way to do it than save money while you are at it!
If you see something you like, it is worth it. These items are up to 60% off...that is INSANE!
If you want to take advantage of these amazing deals and want to be the first to  know when they go live sign up here! 

DEAL #1 P90X plus FREE P90X Plus

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P90X is one of the best extreme at home fitness programs on the market. I have gone through 2 rounds of P90X and I saw some serious changes! Tony Horton has a fun playful style, but also keeps you motivated and pushing yourself. This item is discounted 58% plus a free $60 gift! It usually goes for $119.85, but for this sale only you can get it for $49.95!

Want your copy of P90X? Click here!

DEAL #2 Turbo Fire!

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TurboFire is an intense cardio conditioning program from trainer Chalene Johnson. This program is 90 days and will help you lose weight, slim down, and get that lean body you always wanted. It burns up to 9 times more fat and calories than regular cardio. Chalene keeps you moving! Everyone I know that has done this program has been a fan! This program is discounted by 50%! The usual cost is $79.90, but for a limited time only you can get it for $39.95! 

Want your cope of Turbofire? Click Here! 

DEAL #3 P90X2 

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P90X2 will train you like an athlete using a breakthrough in sports science called Muscle Integration. P90X2 will deliver pro-level results in just 90 days! This item is discounted 58% PLUS a free $60 gift. The usual cost of this program is $119.85, but if you get there before everyone else you can scoop it up for $49.95. 

Want your copy of P90X2? Click Here! 

DEAL #4 P90X3

Want to do P90X but need a shorter workout? This is the program for you! Get ripped in just 30 minutes a day using Tony Hortons breakthrough Muscle Acceleration system. Now you can get ripped, and actually have the time to do it! Purchasing P90X3 during the holiday sale for $119.85 will get you a free $60 gift!

Want your copy? Click Here! 

DEAL #5 Les Mills Combat plus Gloves!

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I love this program! It is fun, and gets you in some serious shape. If you like kick boxing type workouts, you will love this one! Combat is a 60 day program that takes the most dynamic, calorie scorching moves, from 6 major martial arts disciplines- boxing, muay thai, tae kwon do, karate, capoeira, and jiu jitsu- and combines them into explosive sequences to help you burn fat, and fast! Combat is being discounted for this sale by 60%!! This program is normally $59.85, but for a limited time only you can get it for $23.95! GOOD DEAL! ACT FAST!

Want your copy of Les Mills Combat? Click Here! 

DEAL # 6 Les Mills Pump! 

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This is one of my favorite programs, because it was my first Beachbody program ever! It is a barbell based, rapid weight loss, accelerated strength program that will result in a tight toned and lean body. This is a great beginner program for those of you just starting out! This program is on sale for 60%! The normal cost of $165.95 is down to $66.95 for a limited time only! 

Want your copy of Les Mills Pump? Click here! 

DEAL #7 Insanity The Asylum Volume 1!

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Who doesn't love Shaun T?? With this program Shaun T increases your fitness and performance in 30 days and gets your feeling like a professional athlete! I remember hearing about Hope Solo using this program to help her prepare for the olympics. Using sport-specific training and progressive drills this program will build your speed, coordination, and power! Normally $89.85 this program is discounted 38% down to $56.00. 

Want your copy of Insanity The Asylum Volume 1? Click Here! 


Beachbody Ultimate Reset Dry Brush

Help your skin detox with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Dry Brush. This is a natural-bristle dry brush. Dry brushing before you bathe helps open the pores and improve circulation to refresh and revitalize you! This item is 60% off! Normally priced at $29.95 you can get it for $11.95! 

Want your Dry Brush? Click here! 

Beachbody Jump Mat

Are you doing a lot of high impact movements? A beachbody jump mat might be for you! Jumping on a softer surface could help to prevent injury. This item is discounted by 50%! Usually $59.85 you can get it today for $29.95. 
Want your jump mat? Click here! 

Barbell with Safety Clips 

I have this product and will say that it is very convenient. I love being able to break down the bar into two pieces when traveling or needing extra space. This item is discounted by 83%!!! Usually priced at $56.90 you can get it during this sale for $9.95. There is no doubt in my mind that this one won't last very long! 

To get your Barbell click here! 

Barbell Weights!

Need some weights to go with the bar above? well those are on sale too! Both the 5lb and 10lb weights are discounted by 60%! 

Les Mills Combat Gloves! 

If you are doing Les Mills Combat, the gloves are a must especially since they are discounted by 85%!!!! Usually costing $39.95 you can get them for only $5.95! These will go fast, act quickly! 
To get your Combat Glove, click here! 

Stability Ball + Medicine Ball Combo! 

77% savings! Normally costing $130.85 you can get it for $29.95 during this sale! 

Want the stability ball + medicine ball combo? Click here! 

Step with 4 risers!

This item is discounted by 70%! Normally costing $99.90, you can get it today for just $29.95! 

Want your Step and Risers? Click here!


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