10 Holiday Party Survival Tips

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Hey, guys. Now I'd like you to hear me out. I know we've all heard, and most likely at some point, experienced the overwhelming feeling of the holiday season, especially if and when you are trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle. With holiday  parties filled with heavy foods and lots of drinks, and the countless hours you'll probably spend shopping  - either at the mall or online - I definitely understand the frustration of having limited access to healthy options.

BUT!... You need not to worry; you do not have to throw your entire plan out the window until New Years day... there are ways to have your respective "cake" and eat it, too!

Step one of this workaround is to create or download a calendar, so that you may keep track of any and all social events you shall be attending, including times and locations. Planning ahead is a huge part of this "workaround", and if you can visually see what you have going on in your life, you can be better prepared, and more likely to stick to your plan. If you need an easy idea for a calendar, feel free to download and print this one! 

healthy holidays, holiday ssurvival tips, party survival tips, fitness in the holiday, December calendar

Once you have your schedule somewhat laid out, be sure yo fill in your workouts. Tis the season of giving - not giving up! Holidays do not and should not be an excuse to stop working out. If you have parties after work, schedule your workout for the morning. You can always make time for a workout

With regards to the parties you may be attending, here are some tips on how to enjoy them without overindulging on the wrong foods and setting yourself back. 

1. Eat Something Before You Go.

If you eat before you go, you won't be forced to choose unhealthy options. If you find yourself stuck eating the party food, go for the tiny little appetizer plates instead of the big plates; this will help to keep your portion sizes down. Personally, I like to fill up on a shakeology. I've been doing git for years, and it hasn't let me down yet!

2. Don't Loiter Around the Buffet Table.

Use this time to enjoy fellow partygoers and engage in conversation. Hovering around the buffet table will cause you to continue eating long after you are full. 

3. Drink Plenty of Water!

healthy holidays, holiday ssurvival tips, party survival tips, fitness in the holiday, drink water

Before you eat, drink at least eight ounces of water. This will quench your thirst and stop you from eating with your eyes. Many times our body mistakes thirst for hunger, by drinking water first you can avoid this! When we are hungry, our eyes always seem to become bigger than our stomachs, so fill that space with hydration - there is literally NO downside. Water is the best thing for your body!!

4. Be Aware of Drinking Your Calories! 

Egg Nog is a fun holiday drink FILLED with empty calories. 343 calories and 11 grams of saturated fat per cup to be exact. If you want a taste, drink it from a shot glass!

5. Bring Your Own Food.

If you are going to a house party, and its potluck style, bring your own clean eating dish. This way you know that there will be at least one thing at the party that you want to eat! Or, if you don't feel comfortable bringing outside foods in, pack a light snack in your jacket or purse if you get suddenly hungry, and there aren't healthier options available.

6. Don't Make Room For Dessert - SAVE Room For Dessert!

It is ok to eat dessert, but if you know that is the plan, don't force yourself to eat it. Make sure to leave some room for it and eat lightly in the other meals. 

7. Wear Form-Fitting Clothing. 

By wearing tighter clothing you will be more aware of when you are full, and ultimately stop eating. This one is KEY!

8. Get a Workout In Any Way Possible.

healthy holidays, holiday ssurvival tips, party survival tips, fitness in the holiday, santa working out

Can't get your typical workout in? How about getting a fit bit or another tracker, and monitoring your activity when walking around. You could choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator, or park further away from store than your normally would. Hey - think of it this way. If you go to the mall and park far away, anything you purchase will be added weight for you to carry to the car. Boom! You've worked out your arms and possibly shoulders. Point is, if you schedule your workouts beforehand, you will not have this problem. With twenty-four hours in a day, surely you can find room for one.

9. Eat Slowly. 

Just because it is the holidays does not mean you need to scarf down your meal. Eat slowly, and enjoy each bite. Eating slowly helps the body to recognize when it is full, and allows you to actually enjoy whatever it is you are eating. 

10. Step Out of Your Social Comfort Zone

healthy holidays, holiday ssurvival tips, party survival tips, fitness in the holiday, the office

 With regards to tip #2 it's important to remember that while you have taken the enormous step OUT of your comfort zone by changing how you view your health & body, and by taking the necessary steps to achieve your health and lifestyle goals, don't forget to step outside of your social comfort zone, as well. The holidays can be lonely for many, and with the parties you'll undoubtedly be attending, you are provided the perfect opportunity to meet new people, and possibly inspire them to make a difference in their own lives. And while you're busy talking to new friends, you'll forget about the heavy chips at dip at the buffet table. 

The important thing to remember throughout this holiday season is that one bad day should not be an excuse to have a bad month! Get ahead of the game and stay on track now so you aren't scrambling to get back into it come January! And if you do overindulge and slip, that's okay! Just be sure to get right back to being healthy the next day. Don't put too much pressure on yourself, or you'll be doomed to fail, at some point. 

In fact, I will be having support groups to help get you through the holiday season, so if you would like to join one, please fill out the form below! 

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