What's so great about Shakeology?

shakeology, shakeology funny, shakeology reviewI am sure it is hard to ignore all the posts on Facebook and social media about Shakeology. I know I for one talk about it all the time. Reading random posts here and there about it probably cause some confusion about what shakeology really is. Luckily I am here to tell you whats up! Are you wondering what is so great about this stuff and why people like myself go a little crazy if I run out of it before my new supply comes? Keep reading!

I will start off by informing you of what Shakeology IS NOT. I hear people saying to me that they won't try it because they don't like "drinking their meals". Shakeology is not slim fast. You do no drink 3 shakes a day and eat 1 meal. Shakeology can be used as a meal replacement for 1 meal or as a snack if you choose. Sometimes I will make one as a snack at night when I am craving peanut butter cups, or Almond Joys.

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Shakeology is also NOT a protein shake. Although Shakeology does contain 18 grams of protein per serving, it is not solely a shake that provides protein. 

protein shake funnyShakeology is NOT a weight loss shake. Although one of the added benefits of drinking shakeology is weight loss, that is not what this shake is about. (Shakeology does have a 3-day cleanse for those looking to kick start their weight loss or get past a plateau).

I am sure you are wondering if shakeology is NOT these things what is so great about it? The answer is in what Shakeology IS.
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Shakeology IS an all natural nutrient dense meal. You can replace one meal a day with it, or have it as a snack. Drinking one shake is as if you ate 5 salads in 1 sitting...yes 5. It IS a health shake that provides your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients that it needs to thrive. Sadly in this day and age those vitamins and nutrients are lacking in most of the food you can buy at the super market. A funny thing happens when your body starts getting what it needs...it starts working better! What are the benefits of your body getting the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs? Increased energy, less cravings, improved digestion, and an overall feeling of well being to name a few. What happens when you start to feel better? You become more active, happier, and more engaged in life. You don't have to take my word for it, but the statistics aren't lying. 

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I know from my own personal experience, and the experience of my challengers that Shakeology provides my body with these things, and I see results and benefits from it. Drinking it has been a crucial part of my fitness journey. Implementing this into my daily life has me feeling healthier, full of energy, and just better all around. If you are interested in learning more about what Shakeology can do for you, or would like to join an upcoming shakeology challenge, I invite you to send me a message at Messina1892@gmail.com. 


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