Coming Soon! Shift Shop.

A couple years ago I was lucky enough to work in an athletic development gym for young athletes. I quickly fell in love with the workouts we would do to get our athletes ready for play and improve their ability daily. I had always wished that Beachbody would make a program that was similar to the workouts we did at the gym, and now they have. Now with NASM certified trainer, Chris Downing, they have created the exact thing that I had been waiting for, Shift Shop. 

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The Shift Shop is a 3-week rapid rebuild program for anyone looking to amp up their fitness fast. Workouts range from 25-45 minutes, 6 days a week for 3 weeks. Shift shop also has a nutrition plan as well. With a modifier available for all moves, all fitness levels are able to do this program. The program will be available on July 12th, and I cannot wait to get started! 

Chris Downing's motivation style is one that I thrive on. Chris is one of those guys who motivates you both physically and mentally. He is no stranger to overcoming obstacles and brings that to his training as well. When I had the opportunity to workout with him in Punta Cana in April his style sparked something inside of me that made me want to push harder and anxiously await the release of his program! The Shift Shop is about more than just helping you to lose weight, it is about making the physical AND mental shift that it takes to make lasting change. Chris has taken the most results driven training methods effective for pro and amateur athletes and formed them to fit the needs of the everyday gym goer helping them to achieve the transformation they want! Chris's personal philosophy: Love. Empower. Inspire. is one that hits close to home for me and as a coach I can't wait to pass that onto my challengers. 


TeamBstrong will be hosting a Shift Shop Challenge with pre-season starting on July 17th. If you are interested in joining us, please fill out the application below! 

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