Single in Your 30's

I'm just living the shit out of the hand I got dealt! 

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In your thirties, often times you can feel pressured, or made to feel as if something is wrong with you if you are not settled with a family. I have seen that lead to people forcing relationships and lessening their standards because they cave to the pressure of what is expected by society. I too have felt this immense pressure. For years I would constantly get down on myself for, "not being where I thought I would be by now", but that has recently changed. While focusing on my career as a coach I have had time to grow mentally and spiritually. My job allows me to travel often which I am able to do as a single adult in their 30's.

Others my age will often say to me, "Jaime, I love watching your journey. You're always traveling and doing cool things. I wish I could do that but it's really hard with a family." First, I want to make one thing clear. I want more than anything in the world to have a family of my own, but that's just not what life has planned for me at this current moment. I would love to have to pass on a Friday night out to watch a movie with my kids or whatever it may be. I have always wanted that family life. 

BUT, the fact of the matter is, that is just not what life has planned for me in this current moment. SO, instead of sitting around complaining, worrying, and thinking about all that isn't happening for me right now, I decided to make the best of what I have. (Please note** I'm not saying I never worry about it, just not letting it rule my life). I travel the world every chance I get, put lots of focus and energy into my coaching career, and grow in every way I possibly can each and every day. 

I constantly take risks, and always put trust in the universe. I'm telling you this because often it seems like the grass is greener on the other side, but we all have something going on.

We can't fight what the universe has in store. We have to surrender and accept it. So for now, live the amazing life that has been laid before you and trust that the universe has a plan for you. An amazing handcrafted plan made specifically for YOU! Open your eyes to what is already in front of you. What you're looking for might already be there. 


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