The Person You Deserve

A friend of mine sent me a blog post earlier today that sparked something in me. In order to understand the rest of this post you will have to read it. It's worth it, click here.

excited for good things to come, positivity, motivation, Reading that article made me happy for so many reasons. It is a great article in general, but it made me realize how far I have come as a person. If I had read that post two years ago, I would have had a completely different thought process. I would be sitting there feeling bad for myself wondering why "I can't find someone like that", and "why don't these people exist". When I read it earlier today, it brought me a sense of joy. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why that would never be me, it made me excited for things to's only a matter of time.
excited for good things to come, positivity, motivation, better than you were yesterday

When I decided to make a lifestyle change two years ago, the initial reason was to look better on the outside. That quickly became an insignificant side effect of what was really happening. The way I began to change on the inside was the real accomplishment. Aside from looking and feeling better I found myself striving to be a better person. I started making good choices and doing the right thing, I also found myself wanting to help others more. This reminded me of the article because becoming a better person goes hand in hand with relationships. 
excited for good things to come, positivity, motivation, pay it forward

It makes me happy that I know I am capable of being the person that the article was describing. Instead of thinking about finding that person, I thought about being that person for someone. What you put out, you will receive. 

Life is way too short to accept mediocrity, and unhappiness. You can not control other people, and trying to just wastes your energy and affects your happiness. 

excited for good things to come, positivity, motivation, control

For me, becoming disciplined with my health and fitness was the catalyst to becoming a better person. When I took the time to work on myself and figure out what I wanted, I realized that I became something others wanted as well. 

excited for good things to come, positivity, motivation, life gets better

We all deserve to be happy. We all deserve that person the blog post is describing. The thing is...we need to realize that we need to become what we want. Yes you deserve that person....but remember, they deserve that too. 


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