The Ripple Effect

One thing I have been paying attention to lately is the ripple effect. Thinking about the chain reaction of things that come from one event is insane to me. It really goes to show how powerful something simple can actually be. It got me thinking about the ripple effect that deciding to get healthy and fit had on all areas of my life. That one decision completely changed my lives, and other peoples lives as well. 

the ripple effect

Making the decision to get healthy and fit prompted a friend of mine to suggest a fitness challenge group that her sorority sister was having. 

the crane, p90x, p90x transformation, beachbody coachJoining that challenge group gave me the base I needed to live a healthier life.
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Living a healthier life led me to start looking and feeling better physically.

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Looking and feeling better physically led to me being more confident.

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Being more confident led to me actually speaking to people, and having meaningful, genuine conversations.

Making personal connections led me to be a happier more pleasant person to be around.

Which led to improved relationships with friends and family.

Which led to me once again feeling happy. 

Which led me to become a coach and help others get to that point.

That lead me to leave my job and pursue something I loved.

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This small explanation doesn't even get into all the challengers who are now going through my challenges. The plan is that my challengers, and coaches will continue to make ripples, and pay it forward. 

That's pretty crazy huh? How that one decision to join a fitness challenge completely transformed my life in 2 years. 

It's just have to throw the stone.

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