What is P90?

Tomorrow there is a new Tony Horton program being released by Beachbody that I am particularly excited about. Tony Horton and the P90 franchise has a special place in my heart. I remember seeing my neighbor in high school doing the original power 90 vhs tapes and trying them a few times. I had always wished I stayed with them. Fast forward ten years and I was doing P90X which is what really transformed my body and gave me the results I was hoping for. It was my second beachbody fitness program, and I was more than happy with my results. I absolutely loved Tony's humor, and was excited to push play every day. I would have started out with a Tony Horton program, but the whole EXTREME thing scared the crap out of me, and THAT is why I am so excited about his new program P90. 

Some people like to jump into the whole extreme thing right off the bat, but if you are like I was, you want to ease your way in so a program like P90X would be something you work up to. P90 gives you the results you are looking for, without the extreme. Tony took out the super intense parts of P90X and created a unique program for people who are wanting to improve their health and fitness, without being extreme about it. This program will provide you with the foundational skills necessary and be a stepping stone so that you can confidently advance to P90X if that is your choice. The results have started to roll out from the original test group, and they are amazing! 

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Who Is This Program For?

This program is for anyone who wants to improve their health through regular exercise, but does not want to be hardcore about it. It is for people who want to lose weight, and see results, but also want to get out of bed every morning without aches and pains. If you are someone who has dealt with an injury in the past, want to ease your way back into fitness, or really just aren't into the whole extreme thing, this program is for you. 

What is the Program all About?

This is not a high intensity or joint pounding program. It has simple workouts, with simple cardio. They are 25 minutes long and go for 90 days. It is broken up into 3 phases and Tony has said that you will not have to use the modifier like you would if you were doing P90X. Basically if you want to start your journey, P90 is a good choice. It also is more than just a workout. P90 also comes with a nutrition guide that will help you make good choices that will fuel your body, and aid with weight loss. 

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Get a Game Plan!

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