Insanity MAX:30 Week 1 Review

I just completed the first week of Insanity: MAX 30, and all I can say is I can not wait until day 60. That's not because I want it to be over, it's because I can't wait for the results. 4 Days into the first week I could already feel and see changes in my body. 

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I absolutely LOVE the way this program is laid out. For someone who is competitive, it is perfect. Each day I find myself pushing harder to beat my time from the day before. I love the whole max out concept because it keeps me pushing toward something daily.

Insanity: MAX 30, Insanity, Shaun T, meal plan, recipe

Planning my meals for the program has been pretty easy. The meal plan is very similar to the 21 Day fix that I had been following, and the recipes that came in the nutrition guide were great additions to my usual recipes, plus I love all the food options.  I plan on following this program exactly how it is laid out for me so that I can get sick results.

Insanity: MAX 30, Insanity, Shaun T, Max 30 meal plan, Insanity Max 30 meal plan

As for the workouts, they weren't easy, but I found myself looking forward to them every day. They go by REALLY fast, and I feel accomplished at the end! I even had my fit club do the tabata power workout, and they loved it as well! The fact that I am competing against myself, and trying to improve my time daily is what really pushes me. There is no way I am not beating my time each day!

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So my review of week 1 is as follows:
- I love the workouts
-Excited to see my results
-So far the 30 minutes flies by
-Meal plan is easy to follow

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